Orphaned Elephant Didn’t Have A Single Friend, Then A Dog Climbed On Her Head

Bubbles was an orphaned Elephant that was discovered by some animal lovers and rescuers who were working in Africa when she was a young calf. Her vicious poachers killed her parents, making her survival all the more difficult – especially because elephants can only survive on social interaction. Image / Story Source Credit: Bouju1 via … Read more

Dog Dad Treks Up Mountain To Give His Dying Best Friend An Amazing Last Hike

Every dog ​​has his day – and for Monty the Labradoodle, this day was surely a magnificent one. After an 18 month battle with Leukemia, Monty was very close to crossing the rainbow bridge when his dad, Carlos Fresco, decided to take him on one last journey up a mountain that the two had explored … Read more

Kaley Cuoco Adopts Giant Senior Dog After Losing Her Best Friend

At actress Kaley Cuoco’s home, there’s always room for more rescue dogs! She and her husband Karl Cook have more pets than they’d care to admit, but this past year hasn’t been easy. They recently said goodbye to Norman, their long-term companion, and Petunia, their recently adopted senior dog. For most families, that would deter … Read more

Sick Baby Elephant Was Rejected By The Herd, Becomes New Best Friend With A Dog

The Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, for example, is home to threatened species like rhinos, zebras, and elephants. Ellie was one of these adorable animal babies who had gone astray from his or her family too soon. Image / Story Source Credit: Earth Touch / YouTube Ellie was born ill, with a slew of problems that … Read more

“Friend” Tells Woman Her Dog Died, 2 Years Later She Gets A Shocking Call

Two years ago, Maile Trist’s “friend,” told her that her senior Chihuahua was dead. Ever since then, she has been mourning the loss of her beloved rescue dog. Trist adopted Jazzy from a California humane society when she was in high school. They had many wonderful years together, but everything went downhill when she asked … Read more

Stray Cat Mom Carries Her Newborn Kittens To Safety With Her New Human Friend

The internet has once again been taken by storm via – you guessed it: an adorable kitten video. The absolutely heartwarming video, posted on Reddit last week by user u / catnip4sale, has obtained over eighty thousand upvotes and over one thousand comments. Reddit users worldwide have fallen head-over-heels in love with a brave momma … Read more

Rescued From A Life Of Horror, This Dog Now Explores The World With Her Best Friend

As the Editor of iHeartDogs, I come across so many stories that make me feel something inside. Sometimes they are sweet, other times tragic, but when you find a story with a beautiful and happy ending that brings you to tears, it touches your soul. The story of Penni the dog is one of those … Read more

Frenchie Given Only Weeks To Live Hangs On To See Her Best Friend Get Married

Updated March 2022 Dogs are incredible characters. Almost without exception, they have this amazingly upbeat spirit that lights up any room, brings smiles to our faces, and can turn our whole lives around. Even some of those that suffer the most horrific abuse and neglect come out of it ready to forgive with little hesitation. … Read more