Frogs that lay eggs on land – new genus named after WA teacher whose lab was a campervan | Western Australia

Four frog species in Western Australia that lay their eggs on land have been identified as a new genus and named after a retired high school music teacher-turned-scientist. Researchers have classified the frogs into the distinct biological group Anstisia. Their tadpoles develop entirely on land and never contact the water of a creek or pond … Read more

Big appetite for frogs’ legs among French and Belgians driving species to extinction | Endangered species

A voracious appetite for frogs’ legs among the French and Belgians is driving amphibian species in Indonesia, Turkey and Albania to the brink of extinction, according to a new report. Europe imports up to 200 million mostly wild frogs every year, and contributes to a serious depletion of native species abroad in the process. Scientists … Read more

Do pet frogs need much care?

There are many animals out there that make good pets. Cute cats, dogs with endless love, hamsters with attitude and then you’ve got… frogs? The truth is, frogs can actually make good pets, but their care should not be underestimated. Sure, they do not need to be groomed and they certainly do not need to be taken for a walk (even though it would make an interesting trip for everyone involved!), But they do need specialized care that is suited to their species . So, let’s HOP right in and explore the wonderful world of frogs.

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Second chance: 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs to be released into Kosciuszko national park | Environment

Two years after the 2019-20 summer bushfires nearly wiped out the species, 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs are jumping back into the wild in NSW. “Releasing these 80 spotted tree frogs back into the wild, despite all the setbacks this species has faced, is a reminder to have optimism about the conservation work we’re … Read more