How To Get Financial Help To Fund Your New Service Dog

Acquiring a service dog can be highly beneficial for people living with disabilities. Not only are these highly-trained pups able to help their handlers with physical tasks, but they also offer increased independence, as well as improvements in social relationships, self-esteem, and overall life satisfaction. Many people even report adecrease in anxiety, stress, and loneliness. … Read more

VetPartners launches £ 100k research fund

VetPartners has launched a £ 100,000 research fund to allow clinical team members to apply to undertake research projects. The aim of the fund is to help increase the evidence base for clinical decision-making by increasing the amount of research conducted by the group’s practices. Employees working in clinical settings in the UK or Europe … Read more

9-Year-Old Runs Annual Lemonade Stand To Fund His Local Animal Shelter

After spending an entire spring day creating and selling sweet lemonade, you may expect a third-grader to want to buy themself a toy or splurge on a special dessert. Not every nine-year-old would want to donate their hard-earned efforts to a local animal shelter. But that’s the exact reason that Ben Miller was inspired to … Read more