Game over – the Ritz takes grouse off the menu in victory for environmental campaigners | Restaurants

From August 12 to early December, it’s usually possible to walk into old-fashioned fine dining establishments across the country and order the rare British delicacy that is grouse, frequently served with bread sauce and chips. But those hoping to eat the tiny game bird in the gilded Ritz dining room in London will be out … Read more

Drowsy Dog Delays Game After Deciding Soft Soccer Field Is The Perfect Place For A Snooze

When choosing the time and place to take a much-needed nap, the most popular settings are often calm, quiet, and free from potential interruptions. But for one drowsy dog, the most appealing site seemed to be a patch of soft, green grass that just so happened to be a soccer field. Only, it was during … Read more

Game over for UK shooting season as bird flu and Brexit take a heavy toll | Rural affairs

Bird flu has managed to do to game shooting what animal rights activists have been trying to achieve for decades – with a little help from Brexit. Dozens of pheasant and partridge shoots have been called off ahead of the shooting season after an unprecedented outbreak of bird flu in France left gamekeepers in the … Read more

Elanco launches Credelio game – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Elanco Animal Health has launched Plus Pummet, an online game in which veterinary professionals can win monthly £ 50 Secret Escapes vouchers for getting the highest score. Game players have to ‘catch’ falling symbols marked with a ‘+’ or the Credelio Plus ingredients, milbemycin oxime and lotilaner to win points, and avoid ones with fleas, … Read more

Dog And Baby ‘Engage’ In A Game Of Chase That Left Mom With No Choice But To Record Them Both

There’s nothing quite like the friendship between a young child and their dog. It’s always an excellent match in terms of companionship and curiosity. There are so many activities to do, and so much enjoyment to be had, that no one will leave anything on the table with a kid and their dog! Even this … Read more

Country diary: For spring butterflies, survival is the name of the game | Butterflies

Mid-morning, on the warmest day of the year so far. The only clouds are of wispy, plumed seeds, released from dandelion clocks and ripe goat willow catkins, ethereal “witches’ gowns” rising on thermals into a clear blue sky. This south-facing slope, formerly the site of Brancepeth colliery, landscaped then ungrazed for half a century, is … Read more

German Shepherd Mama Hatches A ‘Clever Game’ To Tire Out Her Hyperactive Puppies

The intelligence and vivacious energy of German Shepherds have made them very popular among dog lovers. The pups of this breed, on the other hand, are known to be hyperactive and extremely playful, with some referring to them as “rowdy. ” These sweeties are always on the go and do not mind rough play at … Read more

Soccer Players Kick Off Game By Finding Homes For Shelter Dogs

Even though fans gathered for a soccer game in Romania, the sport was not the highlight of the event. Soccer players in Romania started their game in a special way that was unrelated to soccer. Instead of doing something sports-related to kick off the event, soccer players cuddled adoptable dogs from a local shelter. With … Read more