War or Games | My Shetland

Maggie is very much her own sheep. She likes what she likes and much is tolerated by her, but the existence of Pepper is one thing too many. I tell both Pepper and Maggie that they will just have to rub along together. Maggie does not think this is a solution she can agree to. … Read more

Stray review – press paws for adorable life as a post-apocalypse pussycat | Games

The have walked around decaying cyberpunk cities such as these many times before, with their omnipresent neon signage and filthy streets, their grimy verticality. Usually I am expected to shoot someone. But this time, I’m slinking around the fluorescent-lit slums of the future as a skinny wee ginger cat, scaling rusty pipes, squeezing through barely-open … Read more