I Nearly Gave In

Ye Olde Sheep stuffing her Face! Edna comes to the front door every morning and shouts until someone comes out to feed her the 3rd breakfast! We are very well trained. That’s all I am saying. Meanwhile, if you can see the black dot in the distance, well that is Vitamin waiting for her daily … Read more

Girlfriend Gave Her Partner An ‘Ultimatum’, Demands Either “The Dog Goes” Or “She Goes”

There’s a reason why dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend. If someone or something were to attempt to separate a man and his dog, it would not end well. That’s why when one guy’s girlfriend gave him an ultimatum: choose between her and his loyal furry companion, he was taken aback. Image / Story … Read more

Man Threatens To Drown Puppies, But A Woman And Her Dog Gave Them A Home

Dr. Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary received something alarming in her e-mail. Someone informed her of a local man who did not want his Pit Bull puppies anymore and was threatening to drown the pups if no one comes forward to take them. There were nine Pit Bull puppies, and … Read more