Fish GPS? Scientists find goldfish go farther next to certain stripes | Animal behavior

Goldfish may spend most of their time swimming up and down a glass tank but researchers have found they have a sophisticated navigation system that allows them to estimate distance. While researchers have previously shown a wide array of fish can navigate efficiently, questions remain about the mechanisms involved. Understanding those, scientists say, could help … Read more

‘Alien goldfish’ may have been unique mollusc, say scientists Fossils

The mystery of a bizarre creature dubbed the “alien goldfish”, which has baffled fossil experts for decades, may have been solved, according to scientists who say the animal appears to have been some sort of mollusc. Typhloesus wellsi lived about 330m years ago and was discovered in the Bear Gulch Limestone fossil site in Montana … Read more

From bored goldfish to sexist dogs: 13 common pet problems – solved! | Pets

Remember last summer, when it emerged that a scruffy blond resident of No 10 could not get a grip on his amorous urges? Well, here’s hoping Dilyn, the Johnsons’ jack russell cross, has since undergone some training. As many of the 3.2 million UK families who acquired a pet during the pandemic are discovering, our … Read more