Are There Any Good Quality Plant-Based Dog Foods?

The foods for dogs that you typically find in the shops will always include an animal-based ingredient. However, it is true that dogs can get all the nutrients they need using plant-based sources. Vegetarian and vegan dog foods are becoming popular as more people are choosing to eliminate animal sources of nutrients from their own diet. Just because our canine companion can get all their nutrients without meat – can they thrive on a vegetarian diet?

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Do birders make good tourists? ‘In the 90s you’d get some deeply suspicious looks’ | Australian lifestyle

Birdwatching tours are selling out, bush resorts are listing local birds on their websites and caravan park owners are sharing tips about where to find certain species. All over Australia, birdwatching is having a moment. A report released in April by BirdLife Australia reveals the economic impact of birdwatching tourism, with domestic birding trips contributing … Read more

Mama Cat & Kittens Given Hope For A Good Life Thanks To Rescue Experts

Hope for Paws is always there for the animals of Los Angeles. Whether their rescue teams are descending into storm sewers to catch kittens or rummaging through backyards, these dedicated animal lovers will do whatever it takes to help cats in need. And new mama cat Tasha is so thankful for all their hard work … Read more

Gastric lavage: more harm than good?

We all know that sinking feeling when a patient has been known to have ingested highly toxic material and all effort to induce emesis had been unsuccessful. So, the next logical step is to perform a gastric lavage, isn’t it? Lavaging the stomach: a bilumen tube is passed into the stomach, warm water is pumped … Read more

Country diary: Willow tits are here, but good luck with seeing one | Birds

The numerous bird feeders here are permanently stocked and flocked around by garden birds. Long-tailed, blue, coal and great tits pop up every second or so; and sparrows come and go with goldfinches, while reed buntings and nuthatches slip in and out among the gaps. But the briefest, most maddening, if most wonderful of all, … Read more