A Good Girl | My Shetland

Little Miss Pepper comes outside with me every morning to feed the throng – sheep, hens, ducks, ponies, horses….. And she is getting to know the Shetland ponies who are now living here. Pepper is not scared and she holds her ground too. Newt and Tiddles were very curious about this new dog. Yes, they … Read more

All Looking Good | My Shetland

These three get a daily bucket of TurmerAid. Haakon = my old man with arthritis and bad digestion.Klaengur = my middle aged man who spooks at grass that looks at him in the wrong way. TurmerAid calms the brainIacs = Daisy’s old man who needs help with his digestion. Why they all had to stand … Read more

How good are supplements for diarrhea in dogs?

It is not nice to experience diarrhea in your canine friend and there can be many causes of diarrhea in your dog. As their owners, you will understandably want the diarrhoea to stop as quickly as possible! Oral supplements including probiotics can help in these cases and this article will discuss what they are and how they work in supporting diarrhoea patients.

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Abbeydale Vet Nurse Training celebrates ‘Good’ Ofsted – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Abbeydale Vet Nurse Training in Monmouth is celebrating after being judged as a ‘good school’ by Ofsted following an inspection last month. Abbeydale says this was a particularly special achievement because it was its first full inspection as a training provider. Sam Morgan RVN, a director alongside Kirsty Gwynne RVN, said: “The inspectors were particularly … Read more

Lookin ‘Good | My Shetland

“Vitamin? Do you want your bucket? ” And straight in, like an arrow! No need to ask twice. Tiddles fancied his chances (good luck then). Vitamin was having none of that and it wasn’t even her bucket! But she told him anyway. Tiddles managed to look slightly ashamed. Just slightly. And so Storm took over. … Read more

Musical Hound Joins His Dad’s Band Onstage For A Howling Good Encore

Photographer and bluegrass musician Brennan Gilmore remembers his dog Jack with a bittersweet fondness. The rescued hound dog was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 but lived well beyond his six-month prognosis, passing away peacefully in the fall of 2020. During their time together, Gilmore and Jack traveled the world, learned about life, and developed a … Read more

Are There Any Good Quality Plant-Based Dog Foods?

The foods for dogs that you typically find in the shops will always include an animal-based ingredient. However, it is true that dogs can get all the nutrients they need using plant-based sources. Vegetarian and vegan dog foods are becoming popular as more people are choosing to eliminate animal sources of nutrients from their own diet. Just because our canine companion can get all their nutrients without meat – can they thrive on a vegetarian diet?

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Do birders make good tourists? ‘In the 90s you’d get some deeply suspicious looks’ | Australian lifestyle

Birdwatching tours are selling out, bush resorts are listing local birds on their websites and caravan park owners are sharing tips about where to find certain species. All over Australia, birdwatching is having a moment. A report released in April by BirdLife Australia reveals the economic impact of birdwatching tourism, with domestic birding trips contributing … Read more

Mama Cat & Kittens Given Hope For A Good Life Thanks To Rescue Experts

Hope for Paws is always there for the animals of Los Angeles. Whether their rescue teams are descending into storm sewers to catch kittens or rummaging through backyards, these dedicated animal lovers will do whatever it takes to help cats in need. And new mama cat Tasha is so thankful for all their hard work … Read more