Australia’s dog groomer shortage: ‘So many people got dogs. That’s put a lot of pressure on us Dogs

Lisa Perkovic is the first to admit her dog is high maintenance. “Her name is Sheba, like the Queen of Sheba. And when it comes to grooming, she definitely lives up to that name,” Perkovic says. Sheba, an eight-year-old cavoodle, goes to the groomers for a haircut every four to six weeks. Up until 2019, … Read more

Groomer Denies Abusing Shih Tzu Despite Being Caught On Video

WARNING: This post contains scenes of animal cruelty and may be upsetting to some viewers. A dog groomer in Anderson, SC, has been charged with animal cruelty after she was caught on video abusing a canine client. In the video, 38-year-old Cinde Durham, a groomer at Molly & Me Dog Bakery and Grooming, is seen … Read more

How to become a dog groomer

With the number of people owning pets dramatically increasing, so has the need for reliable pet related services, such as grooming. Becoming a groomer is a very interesting, versatile job role. It can be very physically challenging and you must have a great understanding of animal behavior, anatomy, and coat types in order to perform the job well.

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Dog Groomer Arrested After Horrific Video Shows Him Abusing Poodle

WARNING: Video, screenshots, and content might be sensitive to some readers. Amid an animal abuse case, you can always count on dog lovers to fight for justice. So, when a video surfaced of a Michigan dog groomer abusing an innocent Poodle, everyone was quick to contact the authorities. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office received numerous … Read more

Groomer Charged After 14-Year-Old Yorkie Suffers Fatal Injuries

For many dog ​​breeds, regular grooming is a necessity. Trips to the groomers are just a part of the routine. No parent expects to drop their dog off at the groomer’s one day and pick them up later with a life-threatening condition. But sadly, that’s what happened to a family in Ohio this month. Tina … Read more

Dog Groomer Opened Shop In ‘Middle Of Night’ To Give Stray Dog Haircut & Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

A couple was driving down a highway in Florida’s Oviedo region when they came upon something that stopped them in their tracks. They noticed a dog walking along the side of the road and nearly colliding with traffic, and they did not know where he was going. They abruptly pulled over to see if everything … Read more