UK guide dog charity seeks brainy puppies to help breed problem-solvers | Dogs

Researchers are hoping to unleash a generation of smarter guide dogs by studying the cognitive behavior of puppies and finding out who the clever boys and girls really are. Guide Dogs, the sight loss charity, will analyze the responses of eight-week-old puppies to see which ones best handle surprises, how they interact with human voices … Read more

Blind Husky’s Malamute Brother Is His Unofficial Guide Dog

Some dogs are a human’s best friend. Others are a dog’s best friend. Canine brothers Sterling and Walker have proved that two dogs can be just as close as a dog and a person. This has been especially true ever since Sterling became blind. Losing his sight was a scary and stressful process for Sterling, … Read more

Entitled Parent Grabs Guide Dog Claiming Handler Isn’t Really Blind

It’s hard to resist petting cute dogs, but of course, you should always ask permission before touching a stranger’s dog. And if that dog is a service dog, you will not be able to pet them even if you ask. For most dog lovers, this makes perfect sense. Service dogs are working and need to … Read more