Can a rabbit live with guinea pigs?

The simple answer is “no”. Both rabbits and guinea pigs are sociable creatures who absolutely require companionship, but they are very different species and as such have different needs. Having said that, if you already have a rabbit and guinea pig living together and there aren’t any problems, then definitely don’t separate them – this could create more problems than it solves. However, if you are thinking of getting guinea pigs and/or rabbits as pets, then definitely stick to one species or the other.

Read on to find out why rabbits and guinea pigs do not make ideal companions.

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Is there pet insurance for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are brilliant pets. They are loving, gentle and often make a great first pet. They do, however, have complex husbandry needs. This includes essential minerals within their diets, having other guinea pigs as company and plenty of mental stimulation. Like any animal, their health can become complex and difficult to manage, meaning you may need to seek veterinary attention… and that can be expensive.

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Queen’s funeral spells bad news for guinea pigs | Letters

My six-year-old granddaughter has been solemnly informed that Guinea Pig Awareness Week has been postponed as a mark of respect. She is distraught and I cannot help but think that, as an animal lover, Her Majesty would not have approved. Perhaps a constitutional expert or someone close to the royals could prevail on the organizers … Read more

Guinea Pig Awareness Week returns for 2022

Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW) is back for 2022 – taking place from 19 to 23 September – and will focus on the importance of providing the right environment for guinea pigs with its theme, “Home Squeak Home”. Burgess Pet Care – organizers of GPAW – is urging rescue centers to get involved and back … Read more

Why does my Guinea Pig squeak?

Guinea Pigs are great little pets and certainly have brilliant characters. You may have noticed that they live up to the ‘pig’ reputation by letting out multiple squeaks, chirps and “weeks” throughout the day. But, have you ever wondered why they squeak? What are they trying to tell you? Let’s look at the different reasons why your Guinea Pig might be being so vocal.

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