Military Dog Flown Across The World To Retire With Handler Who Saved Him

The bond that forms between a working military dog ​​and their handler is unlike any other. That’s why it can be so difficult for both the dog and their human partner when they have to part ways after working together. While serving in South Korea, Senior Airman Jenna Canada worked with a German Shepherd named … Read more

Free-Spirited Agility Dog Helps Handler Cope With Trauma & Mental Illness

If laughter is the best medicine, dogs are accomplished MDs! Funny pet videos are the lifeblood of the internet, helping to lift our spirits when we are feeling down. No one knows this better than Tess Eagle Swan, dog mom to Crufts agility course darling, Kratu. The shaggy dog, whose name is a Sanskrit word … Read more

Entitled Parent Grabs Guide Dog Claiming Handler Isn’t Really Blind

It’s hard to resist petting cute dogs, but of course, you should always ask permission before touching a stranger’s dog. And if that dog is a service dog, you will not be able to pet them even if you ask. For most dog lovers, this makes perfect sense. Service dogs are working and need to … Read more