PrettyLitter Cares About Your Cat & Aims To Help Them Stay Happy & Healthy

PrettyLitter founder and CEO Daniel Rotman received a gift from his sister on his tenth birthday that would change his life—an adorable orange tabby named Gingi. And while raised with a menagerie of pets thanks to his father’s love for animals, Daniel shared an extra special bond with Gingi. Best friends from the beginning, Daniel … Read more

10 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy

Our dogs bring so much joy into our lives, and we do everything we can to return the favor. They brighten up our darkest days, give us constant unconditional love, and give us more smiles and laughs than we ever could’ve imagined before they came into our lives. It’s only natural that we want to … Read more

Mom Turned Back To Get ‘1 Last Look’ At Her Babies And Wished Them A “Happy Life”

People still pass by the stray dogs without noticing them, but some people are trying to help. One woman returned for more water not long after finding two of the most stunning pups, setting off a chain reaction she never thought possible. Mama dog had grown up on the streets her entire life. Sure, she … Read more

Adorable Shelter Pup Does A Happy Dance When Told She’s Getting Adopted

The Wayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio, has dedicated itself to finding families for homeless shelter pets since 1973. A non-profit, no-kill shelter with impressive adoption rates, Wayne County Humane has been described as a great place with wonderful people . One such wonderful person is Joe Kay, an adoption coordinator, and self-described “dog … Read more

Happy the elephant is not a person, says court in key US animal rights case | New York

New York’s top court has ruled that Happy, an elephant residing at the Bronx Zoo since the 1970s, cannot legally be considered a person in a closely watched case that tested the boundaries of applying human rights to animals. The case brought by an animal rights group argued Happy should be released from the zoo. … Read more

VN Happy Hour 4: Well-being – the magic of veterinary nursing

VN Happy Hour 4.0 saw vet nurse, writer, educator and leading blogger Jane Davidson feature in our main interview to discuss her perspective on physical and mental well-being, before joining our expert panel for a broader debate on some of the big issues in the veterinary nursing profession. RVN panellists Aoife Smith, Elle Payne, Jane … Read more

VN Times Podcast, Ep 29: Happy Hour 13 – finding your nursing niche

The VN Times VN Happy Hour broadcast on 28 April 2002, entitled “Finding your nursing niche”, looked at how developing a nursing specialism can enhance your clinical career. Guests this month included Emma Gerrarda specialist staff theater nurse at a not-for-profit community interest practice and the first VN to hold an officer position for the … Read more

VN Happy Hour teams up with VetYou for virtual finances series

Veterinary-based community VetYou is running a series of free veterinary nurse-led events focusing on personal finances – in partnership with VN Happy Hour. The free two-part series, to be held on Tuesday 10 May and Tuesday 17 May at 7:30 pm, aims to break down barriers around financial conversations, and help vet nurses take action, … Read more