Country diary: The nuthatch takes a toxin that can paralyse our hearts | Birds

or treasured old guide to wildflowers, a birthday gift 60 years ago, sits, dog-eared, on my bookshelf. It warns of poisonous plants with a bold, black letter P, in the kind of gothic typeface usually seen when the credits roll in a Hammer House of Horror movie. Botany with a frisson of danger, plants with … Read more

Wonderfully Wonky Winnie Wins All The Hearts & Overcomes Bent Legs

Meet Winnie. She’s a cutie with a prize-winning sniffer. And although she’s just a few years old, she’s already an active K9 Scent and Search UK member and competes in scent work competitions across the country. To look at this beautiful and athletic American bulldog, you’d never know that she once struggled to walk on … Read more

A Great Dane And His Adorable Pouting Face Is Melting The Hearts Of Millions

Can you imagine meeting a giant dog who has no idea just how huge they are and thinks they’re a lap dog? Well, that’s exactly how Kernel the Great Dane lives his life. This big, sweet boy is 175 pounds of pure love, and his adorable pouting face is melting the hearts of millions across … Read more

Freya the walrus sinks boats and captures hearts in Norway | Animals

For a week, a young female walrus nicknamed Freya has enchanted Norwegians by basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, making a splash in the media and bending a few boats. The 600kg (1,300lb) marine mammal has been named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty. She has already been sighted in the … Read more

Senior Dog And His New Puppy Sidekick Warm Hearts Worldwide

When the word is heavy, or you’re feeling a bit stressed, what better way to feel better than watching adorable doggie content? Nothing else is better for easing your tension and soothing your soul. Doggie duo Dash and Remi are melting hearts and delighting social media users across the Internet. Their friendship is especially heartwarming … Read more

Wounded Soldier And Military Dog Reunite After Receiving Purple Hearts

Six months into his deployment to Afghanistan, Spc. Alec Alcoser grabbed his dog’s leash and left the barracks. It was a mission day, and Alcoser and his partner, a German Shepherd named Alex, were reporting to duty. They’d been working together for months and already had a close bond. They slept in the same bed, … Read more

Jimmy Stewart’s Poem About His Dead Dog Broke Our Hearts Into A Million Pieces

One of the most renowned actors in history, who enthralled us with classics such as “It’s a Wonderful Life”“Rear Window, ”and“ Vertigo, ”Was Jimmy Stewart. He served in World War 2 and the Vietnam War before becoming a veteran of both conflicts. On an episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”In 1981, we got … Read more