Wearable fans help Japan’s hot dogs beat the heat | Japan

Dog owners in Japan can now buy wearable fans to keep their pets cool during the country’s sweltering summer. Comprising a battery-operated, 80-gram fan attached to a breathable mesh outfit, the device circulates cool air around the animal’s body. Rei Uzawa, president of maternity clothing company Sweet Mommy, said she came up with the idea … Read more

Huskies Chained Outside To Metal Cages In 115 Degree Heat

The weather in Cedar City, Utah has been exceptionally hot throughout the last couple of weeks. Many pet owners recognize the dangers that extreme temperatures can pose to dogs. However, one Cedar City family is choosing to ignore them. Kim Phifer is a Cedar City resident who noticed three Huskies that were left outside during … Read more

How heat damages the DNA of endangered purple-crowned fairy wrens | Western Australia

Endangered purple-crowned fairy wrens – tiny but striking Australian songbirds – could be at even greater risk from global heating after a study found that exposure to hot and dry conditions damages nestlings’ DNA. Unlike the more tangible effects of global heating on species – such as a rising risk of bushfires, loss of habitat … Read more

Dog Dies After Being Cruelly Abandoned In Sweltering Texas Heat

It was Friday, May 13th, in Parker County, Texas, when authorities were called to investigate a case of animal cruelty. The day was swelteringly hot in the southern state, and temperatures had topped out at 102 degrees. Neighbors noticed an extremely concerning set of circumstances happening next door and decided to call in reinforcements for … Read more

Heat stress: reducing impact without large investments

Heat stress used to be considered a disease of the tropics. However, it has become far more prevalent and for longer periods within the UK dairy population. Many herds – in particular those housed over the summer – will have experienced some level of heat stress and associated losses in the past few years, and … Read more

Police Decline To Help Dog Left Tethered To Owner’s Car In Florida Heat

Most people know not to leave a dog alone in a hot car, but there are always some individuals that do not care. Then, some people try to find every loophole when they should be caring about their dog’s wellbeing instead. A person in Florida did not leave their dog trapped in their car, but … Read more