Is protein heating in horse feed?

Anyone with any involvement with equines will have some understanding of the vast amount of diets available now on the market. Like human athletes, horses in work have more specific dietary and energy needs to ensure their optimal health and balance. If their food and energy levels are not correct it can result in poor performance, which of course is undesirable! This article will explore what is meant by ‘heating’ and ‘non-heating’ feeds and when they are used.

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US farmers face plague of pests as global heating raises soil temperatures | Climate crisis

Agricultural pests that devour key food crops are advancing northwards in the US and becoming more widespread as the climate heats up, new research warns. The corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) is considered to be among the most common farm pests in the US, ravaging crops such as corn, cotton, soy and other vegetables. It spends … Read more

Greater glider now endangered as logging, bushfires and global heating hit numbers | Endangered species

One of the world’s biggest gliding mammals – the once common Greater glider – has been pushed closer to extinction and is now officially endangered. The cat-sized gliding marsupial has been moved from vulnerable to endangered on the federal government’s list of threatened species. Native forest logging, habitat clearing, bushfires and global heating have all … Read more

Using geoengineering to slow global heating risks malaria rise, say scientists | Malaria

Geoengineering to prevent the worst impacts of climate breakdown could expose up to a billion more people to malaria, scientists have found. The report, published in Nature Communications, is the first assessment of how geoengineering the climate could affect the burden of infectious diseases. Geoengineering includes removing carbon dioxide from the sky so the atmosphere … Read more