Free-Spirited Agility Dog Helps Handler Cope With Trauma & Mental Illness

If laughter is the best medicine, dogs are accomplished MDs! Funny pet videos are the lifeblood of the internet, helping to lift our spirits when we are feeling down. No one knows this better than Tess Eagle Swan, dog mom to Crufts agility course darling, Kratu. The shaggy dog, whose name is a Sanskrit word … Read more

Electronics-Sniffing Dog Helps Bring Child Predator To Justice

A newly-graduated working dog named Hidu teamed up with Mexican prosecutors and a group of Dutch activists to form an unusual international alliance. Together, they helped bring down a dangerous child predator. Jason Maatman, a known Dutch pedophile, fled to Mexico City in order to escape prosecution in the Netherlands. Authorities captured him at a … Read more

Springer Spaniel Helps Push Car Down Flooded Street

Glasgow, Scotland experienced terrible thunderstorms this August, resulting in floodwaters several feet high. On Sunday August 15th, 2021, two women found themselves trapped in their car on Harland Street, which had flooded. A kind bystander, Lori Gillies, waded through the floodwaters to help. The whole way, her Springer Spaniel Puck swam right behind her to … Read more

Bacci The Cartoon Bengal Cat Helps Children Learn Valuable Life Skills

Psychotherapist Jamie Karia has created a children’s book series based on her beloved Bengal cat, Bacci. This series was created with the hopes of using Bacci’s adorable cartoon character to teach essential skills to children and adults alike, such as communication, self-kindness, mindfulness, and creativity. The adorable cartoon version of Karia’s beloved Bengal was chosen … Read more

Fran Drescher’s Rescue Dog Helps Her Thrive Despite PTSD From Sexual Assault

Fran Drescher is most notably known for her iconic role in The Nanny. Many people do not know, however, that just a few years before being catapulted to stardom, Drescher was a victim of a horrific crime. In 1985, Drescher’s then-husband was blindfolded while Drescher and her friend were raped during a brutal home invasion. … Read more

9-Year-Old Rescue Pit Bull Helps Pin Down Intruder Until Police Arrive

Spuds may have some silver in his fur, but when it comes to protecting his family, this good boy proves that age is just a number! The 9-year-old rescue Pit Bull is being hailed a hero for his role in subduing a home invader. Leroy Rucker of Altoona, Pennsylvania, was relaxing with his dogs when … Read more

Loyal German Shepherd Helps Hiker Conquer Depression & Continue His Adventure

Harold Reynolds is an experienced hiker that fell into a dark place after completing a brutal hike. Post-hiking depression is common among avid hikers, but Reynolds found relief through the love of a dedicated pup. Harold Reynolds has never shied away from an adventure. He has always loved to spend time in the great outdoors, … Read more

Woman’s 3-Legged Rescue Dog Helps Her Cope With Her Own Disability

Suffering from a chronic condition can feel very lonely at times, but many people have found comfort and support in their rescue dogs. Sometimes, two misunderstood souls of different species complete each other in this way. Meghan Beaudry, for example, lives with a chronic medical condition called lupus. Beaudry wrote a meaningful essay about how … Read more

sponsored Mirataz helps restore a cat’s appetite and healthy weight while underlying disease is investigated

Take control with Mirataz Mirataz contains mirtazapine and is the first and only licensed veterinary transdermal ointment for body weight gain in cats experiencing poor appetite and weight loss resulting from chronic medical conditions. The active ingredient, mirtazapine, addresses reduced appetite and induces significant weight gain in as little as 14 days1. This can allow … Read more