Staffy’s Adorable Sign Helps Break Breed Stereotypes

When people walk past dogs in their yards, they often gush at how adorable they are. But sadly, breeds labeled as Pit Bulls, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, get mixed reactions when they play outside. Many dog ​​lovers adore them, but some people look at them in fear or disgust because of hurtful breed stereotypes. … Read more

VN helps raise more than £40k for motor neurone disease charity

A nursing manager at a Cumbrian veterinary referral center has thanked supporters after her fund-raising event for motor neurone disease (MND) raised more than £40,000. Emma Dever, who is head of nursing services at Kentdale Referrals in Milnthorpe, worked with her family and friends to organize “The Barty Party” to raise money to help find … Read more

Missing Woman’s Dog Helps Lead Investigators To Her Killer

24-year-old Lori Slesinski disappeared from her home in Auburn, Alabama, on Saturday, June 10, 2006. Her best friend, Lindsay Braun, knew something was wrong when she found Lori’s front door unlocked and her dog, Peanut, still in his crate. According to Braun, Lori would never go away and leave her beloved Peanut behind. “The door … Read more

Dog Helps Lead State Trooper To Family’s Rollover Car Crash

There are a number of events that can increase the odds of your dog getting lost. Fireworks, thunderstorms, and being involved in a car crash with your pup in tow top the list. But fortunately for one lucky dog, she not only escaped being ejected from her family’s car relatively unscathed, but she also alerted … Read more

A New App Helps You Book Private Dog Parks For Your Shy Or Reactive Pups

Not all dogs enjoy the chaos that is the dog park. It can be a fun adventure for many furry friends, but the thought of being around multiple dogs can be exhausting for others. Shy or reactive pups don’t often get to explore new surroundings for this reason, which is why Sniffspot created a platform … Read more

UC Davis’ Orphan Kitten Project Helps Own Students Learn While Saving Lives

Through multiple hands-on learning projects, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine aims to prepare students for future careers as animal medicine practitioners. And one of their initiatives not only gives med students hands-on experience but also saves the lives of tiny kittens who might have otherwise perished in the wild. The Orphan Kitten Project … Read more

Free-Spirited Agility Dog Helps Handler Cope With Trauma & Mental Illness

If laughter is the best medicine, dogs are accomplished MDs! Funny pet videos are the lifeblood of the internet, helping to lift our spirits when we are feeling down. No one knows this better than Tess Eagle Swan, dog mom to Crufts agility course darling, Kratu. The shaggy dog, whose name is a Sanskrit word … Read more

Electronics-Sniffing Dog Helps Bring Child Predator To Justice

A newly-graduated working dog named Hidu teamed up with Mexican prosecutors and a group of Dutch activists to form an unusual international alliance. Together, they helped bring down a dangerous child predator. Jason Maatman, a known Dutch pedophile, fled to Mexico City in order to escape prosecution in the Netherlands. Authorities captured him at a … Read more

Springer Spaniel Helps Push Car Down Flooded Street

Glasgow, Scotland experienced terrible thunderstorms this August, resulting in floodwaters several feet high. On Sunday August 15th, 2021, two women found themselves trapped in their car on Harland Street, which had flooded. A kind bystander, Lori Gillies, waded through the floodwaters to help. The whole way, her Springer Spaniel Puck swam right behind her to … Read more