Dog Hides In UPS Truck And Rides All Over Town, Wearing Note With An “Important Message” For All

A Golden Retriever and a UPS deliveryman had made a handshake deal: whenever the guy came to the house, he was to give the dog a treat. Isn’t this something we’ve all seen? One day, however, the deliverer forgot to give them treats, which did not make him happy. So he took matters into his … Read more

Scared, Abandoned Pittie Hides From Rescuers Behind A Fast-Food Dumpster

Even the sweetest of dogs who are abandoned can become fearful and mistrustful. Rescuing these dogs takes patience and an understanding of what they’ve been through. In February of 2022, Hope For Paws, a southern California based rescue organization, received an email about a dog abandoned at a fast-food restaurant. The female gray and white … Read more