Home tweet home: birdhouses designed by artists – in pictures | Environment

One of the few positives from lockdown is the number of city dwellers who connected with urban wildlife during the long days at home. New York-based music supervisor Randall Poster is one of them. He loved listening to birdsong in the quiet city so much that he decided to highlight the birds’ plight as their … Read more

Friends Accidentally Poison Newlyweds’ Cat While Decorating Their Home

Weddings are a special time. Not just for the bride and groom, but for their friends and family, too. After all, what could be better than celebrating two people you love deciding to spend their lives together? A woman named Kat recently shared the story of her well-intentioned friends’ efforts to make her wedding night … Read more

Sweet home Alabama: errant Gateshead pigeon takes diversion to US | Animals

Homing pigeons have been known for centuries for their ability to find their way home after traveling hundreds of miles. But one little bird, named Bob, might need to work on his internal compass. The four-year-old pigeon, from Gateshead, turned up about 4,000 miles away in the US after getting lost on a fairly routine … Read more

Man Breaks Down Neighbor’s Door To Rescue Dog From Burning Home

Some neighbors are kind enough to let you borrow their tools when you need them, but others are willing to risk their lives to save your dog. The latter is true dedication! A neighbor that kind of seems like something out of a fiction story, but Mike Richter recently proved that selfless people like that … Read more

Tiny Kitten Without Eyes Finds The Purrfect Forever Home

The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has long been known as one of the world’s most prominent, dedicated, and passionate animal rescue organizations. And with more than 800 paid employees and over 9,000 volunteers, the BFAS has saved thousands of lives. Their ultimate goal is to make every shelter in every community no-kill by the … Read more

Starving ‘Misshaped’ Puppy Chose Her Own Home & Became ‘The Prettiest Girl’

A tiny undernourished puppy squeezed through a family’s fence, and she appeared to be alone with nowhere else to go. At first, the family’s son assumed she was a rat because of her small stature and malnourishment. She was that little! But after realizing how unusual her shape was, the family quickly realized she needed … Read more

“Dead” Dog Lifts His Head-Up When The Person He’s Been ‘Waiting’ For Comes To Take Him Home

Judy Obregon, the founder of a dog rescue organization called The Abandoned Ones, received a call about a Poodle-mix stray she had been trying to save. But as soon as she saw the photograph of the dog on the ground, she knew it was too late. He had already vanished. Obregon got a call earlier … Read more