Stowaway Cat Scanned By TSA Heads Home For A Turkey Dinner

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers have found some strange things in people’s luggage over the years, but finding a live cat inside a suitcase was an interesting first. When an alarm alerted TSA employees to something missing in the checked baggage at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, the Florida-bound bag in … Read more

Man’s Incarceration Leads To Unwanted Puppy Who Prays For New Home

A man adopted a puppy he named Arnold, and was arrested soon after. His arrest turned into a lengthy incarceration, leaving the puppy without a home. A neighbor took Arnold in but soon realized he couldn’t care for him. The neighbor reached out to The Asher House for help. Lee raced over to meet Arnold. … Read more

Sneaky Fox Tries To Frame Dog After Trashing Family’s Home

When people hear sounds in the middle of the night, they either choose to ignore them or assume the worst. Some people just think it’s their family member coming home, while others are quick to imagine it’s someone breaking into their house. However, very few people would ever guess that a random sound in their … Read more

Alaska firefighters rescue baby moose trapped in home | Alaska

Firefighters in Alaska got an unusual request for assistance last Sunday, from Alaska wildlife troopers. “They were looking for some help getting a moose out of a basement,” said Capt. Josh Thompson of Central Emergency Services on the Kenai Peninsula. The moose, estimated to be a one-year-old bull, had a misstep while eating breakfast on … Read more

Family Buries Dog After Tragic Accident, But Five Days Later Maisie Came Home

After their dog went missing, the Hutton family of Suffolk, England, got a call every dog ​​parent dreads. Their beloved dog Maisie had been hit by a car and succumbed to her injuries. But after they buried the canine they thought was their pup, the family received a joyful surprise. Maisie was alive! The Huttons’ … Read more

Tiny Dog Huddled Under Car As Dad Wept For Him To Come Home

This Chihuahua may be small, but he does a really big job. He keeps his father company at his assisted living facility and provides emotional support as his father heals from multiple strokes and navigates his life post kidney transplant. But then, one day, he mysteriously disappeared while his father was inside the grocery store. … Read more

Shocked Home Buyers Discover A Scared, Starving Dog Locked In A Closet

When the new owners of what was previously an abandoned building started their home renovations, they were shocked to discover that someone had not only abandoned a dog inside, but that they had locked him in a closet. As you can imagine, the Pitbull mix was in really rough shape when he was found. Not … Read more

Charity seeks home for kitten that is neither male nor female Animals

A homeless kitten has stunned vets at an animal charity, being the first cat they have seen that is neither male nor female. Hope, a 15-week-old tabby and white cat, was originally thought to be female when it was admitted to the Cats Protection rescue center in Warrington, but vets found no external sex organs. … Read more

Selfless Vet Turns Home Into Shelter To Save Stray Animals From Being Killed

Tunisia, Africa, is one of many countries with a stray animal problem. Not enough people are spaying and neutering their pets, leading to many homeless cats and dogs. Unfortunately, Tunisia has taken an inhumane approach to the issue by killing dogs and cats as a way to control the population. Many animal lovers are fighting … Read more

Animalcare to launch oral home care webinar series

A series of webinars offering the latest advice on oral home care is being launched by Animalcare this month. The webinars will form part of Animalcare’s campaign to support veterinary professionals in making confident and practical recommendations to clients about caring for their pets’ teeth. First webinar Claire Harrison will lead the first oral home … Read more