Senior Cat Waves At Potential Adopters Hoping To Be Noticed

With so many adoptable pets at the Community Cat Club in New Jersey, it can be difficult for senior cats to be noticed. For this reason, an adorable ten-year-old tuxedo cat named Valentin (Vali for short) has come up with a creative way to attract potential adopters. Vali was surrendered to the shelter when her … Read more

He Shook And Wailed In Pain ‘Hoping’ Someone Would Respond To His ‘Mournful’ Cries

A crying puppy in pain is unpleasant to hear, but that’s exactly what a good Samaritan in northern Minnesota heard recently. The bloodcurdling wail went on and on, so the considerate individual went outside to investigate the cause. When the person arrived at the source of the pleasures and moans, they discovered a tiny 4-month-sized … Read more