Is protein heating in horse feed?

Anyone with any involvement with equines will have some understanding of the vast amount of diets available now on the market. Like human athletes, horses in work have more specific dietary and energy needs to ensure their optimal health and balance. If their food and energy levels are not correct it can result in poor performance, which of course is undesirable! This article will explore what is meant by ‘heating’ and ‘non-heating’ feeds and when they are used.

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Why does my horse eat mud?

It may be somewhat alarming to see your horse, turned out in pristine pasture, ignoring the readily available grass and instead, tucking into a pile of dirt, or even worse, eating faecal material in their stable. There are several proposed reasons for this behavior. In this article, we look at why they may decide to eat mud or faeces. And if there is anything we can do to prevent this.

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Ambivalence towards horse racing leaves Melbourne Cup half full | Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup slogan – “the race that stops a nation” – has seemed faintly ridiculous in the past two years, when the pandemic brought much of Australia to a grinding halt for months – rather than just an afternoon in November. But even before Covid stopped the crowds turning up to Flemington, attendance numbers … Read more

Why does my horse keep yawning?

Yawning, it’s something we all do regularly, sometimes more often than others. But what about our horses? Although horses yawn, it is not something they tend to do as frequently as humans. What does it mean when horses yawn and should we be worried if we notice them yawning more often than before?

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Examination Room: Andrew Waller

Andrew Waller has devoted many years to the study of Streptococcus equi and he’s at the forefront of work behind an exciting new vaccine for strangles. The former head of bacteriology at the AHT and current chief scientific officer at Intervacc stepped into the Examination Room to tell us more… Q How long have you … Read more

Dog Asks Horse To Play Tug-Of-War With Her, And The Sweet Horse Lets Her Win

Immediately after Jasmine, the Pit Bull arrived at the ranch, she became good friends with all of the horses thanks to her fun-loving personality. However, it was her special bond with Mister, a Quarter horse Mustang mix that amazed everyone! Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: TheMendesranch via YouTube Video Every time Jasmine comes to see … Read more

Police investigate threat to ‘firebomb’ national parks office over Kosciuszko horse cull | Invasive species

Police are investigating a letter threatening to “firebomb” a New South Wales national parks office in the Snowy Mountains region over the culling of feral horses in the Kosciuszko national park. The state’s environment minister, James Griffin, said the “disgraceful and unacceptable” behavior had been reported to NSW police, while the head of the National … Read more

BEVA and horse bodies monitoring equine flu vaccine supply issues

BEVA and equine sector representative bodies have joined forces to monitor the potential impact of a shortage of doses of equine influenza vaccines. The vet association along with British Equestrian and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) have noted minor interruptions to the supply of vaccines in 2022, but a pan-European logistical problem being experienced by … Read more

Cost of living crisis hits horse owners – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The Blue Cross has released new figures which show that more horse owners may be struggling financially to keep their horses. So far this year the charity says it has received 144 requests from people asking for it to take in or help rehome their horse or pony through the Blue Cross Home Direct service. … Read more

Why does my horse keep getting abscesses?

Foot abscesses are very common in horses and are caused by bacteria getting into the foot forming a pocket of pus/infection (abscess). It is often very painful to the horse resulting in quite a severely lame animal; which continues until the pressure in the foot is relieved by draining the abscess. Usually performed by a farrier or veterinary surgeon. The condition can be distressing for any owner to see due to the severity of lameness. But why does it keep happening to some horses?

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