Cats Protection hosts MSPs to discuss cat welfare priorities

Cats Protection joined 25 MSPs to discuss the charity’s efforts to improve feline welfare and campaign for cats across Scotland. The parliamentary reception at Holyrood was sponsored by Mark Ruskell MSP, and was arranged to highlight ways politicians can help support Scotland’s 685,000 pet cats and their owners. Among items discussed were Cats Protection’s campaign … Read more

App hosts livestock data all in one place

Sheep and beef producers can record livestock data in one place, helping to improve farm management and compliance. Breedr, a network set up to help farmers improve efficiencies through free and easy data analysis, has launched a phone app where producers can record lambing details, weights and medicine usage. They will also be able to … Read more

Linnaeus Post Registration Program hosts first in-person training session since COVID

The Linnaeus Post Registration Program (PRP) has hosted its first in-person training day since 2020. The event – which took place in Solihull on 19 April – had 18 nurses attending from Linnaeus’ nationwide referral hospitals. Remote learning Part of the day was dedicated to a teaching and mentoring workshop, with the nurses given time … Read more

A moment that changed me: I went to a party – and spent all evening with the host’s puppy | Life and style

The am a ridiculously early person. If possible, I tend to be at least 30 minutes early for everything. These days, this is an excuse to get some extra reading time; it used to be an opportunity for a glass of wine to settle my nerves when jumping into a party. On the night in … Read more