Device wraps around hot surfaces, turns wasted heat to electricity – BIOENGINEER.ORG

The energy systems that power our lives also produce wasted heat – such as radiating heat from hot water pipes in buildings and vehicle exhausts. A new flexible thermoelectric generator can wrap pipes and other hot surfaces and convert wasted heat into electricity more efficiently than previously, according to scientists at Penn State and the … Read more

A new flexible thermoelectric device can wrap around pipes and other hot surfaces and convert wasted heat into electricity. – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Researchers at Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences will use a $ 1.5 million grant recently awarded by the US Department of Agriculture to work with 13 other land-grant universities in the eastern US to create an education program that would help private forest owners adapt and climate change mitigation. Credit: Jesse Kreye / Penn … Read more

Astronomers Detect Water Vapor in The Atmosphere of a ‘Super Neptune’ Exoplanet

New Year’s Day comes around once every 47.5 hours on the planet out of the size of Neptune TOI 674b, which makes it a rare creature. Despite years of hunting, surprisingly few medium-sized gas giants have ever been seen with orbits shorter than a few days long, creating what astronomers refer to as the Neptunian … Read more

Weird ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet is shaped like a football

A distant planet looks more like a football than a normal field, according to researchers in a groundbreaking new study. The strange shape of the ultrahot WASP-103b, which is more than 1,000 light years from Earth, is due to the planet being stretched by the gravitational forces of its parent star, according to the new … Read more