Wearable fans help Japan’s hot dogs beat the heat | Japan

Dog owners in Japan can now buy wearable fans to keep their pets cool during the country’s sweltering summer. Comprising a battery-operated, 80-gram fan attached to a breathable mesh outfit, the device circulates cool air around the animal’s body. Rei Uzawa, president of maternity clothing company Sweet Mommy, said she came up with the idea … Read more

Hero Cops Smash Window To Rescue Mother Dog And Her Puppy From Hot Car

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a mother dog and her puppy from the back seat of a hot car earlier this month. Although the car was parked in an enclosed parking garage, the temperature outside was nearly 96 degrees. A kind guard noticed the dogs … Read more

Why does my cat feel hot?

Cats can often be found seeking out warm spots: a snooze in the sun, stretched out by the fire, or curled upon a warm lap. Whilst stroking your cat, you may find that they often feel very warm to the touch, especially if they’ve been basking in the sun or by a radiator. But how hot is too hot? And is it normal for cats?

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