20 Pit Bull Memorial Ideas

If you or someone you know recently lost their pit bull, our hearts go out to you! We believe our fur-babies may be gone, but they will always be with us in our hearts. ❤️🌈😥 We asked the members of our I Love My Pit Bull community on Facebook the following question: For those of … Read more

Top Tories may change – but the ideas stay the same Letters

You argue that it would be churlish not to credit advances in diverse representation in the Tory cabinet (Editorial, September 7). But is there any real advance if the views being espoused by its new members are still remarkably similar to the white men they have replaced, and in some cases actually denying the experience … Read more

27 Unique & Funny German Shepherd Name Ideas [with pics!]

Looking for a Unique Name for Your German Shepherd Puppy or Newly Adopted GSD? Here’s 27 Ideas! We asked our I Love My German Shepherd Facebook community to share their unique GSD name ideas (along with pictures!). We received hundreds of responses, some of which we’ve compiled and shared below. A special thanks to the … Read more

Cat Memorials – Five lovely ideas for ways to remember your beloved pet

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Losing an animal can be like losing a family member and it is important to understand that feelings of upset and grief are not only completely normal, but are completely valid. There are a number of different ways in which you can address your feelings of grief and come to terms with the loss of your furry companion.

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