Illegal donkey-skin trade thriving on social networks, report reveals | Global development

The illegal sale of donkey skins is thriving in online marketplaces, with traders openly flouting local laws, and social media multinationals such as Facebook doing little to prevent the illegal trade, according to a new investigation. Traders on Facebook are offering large quantities of donkey skins on the site, the report said, including one trader … Read more

Vaquita porpoise could survive… but only if illegal fishing stops immediately | Environment

Scientists studying the DNA of the world smallest cetacean and rarest marine mammal, the vaquita porpoise, have made a surprising and bittersweet discovery. A vaquita porpoise thought to have died in an illegal gillnet. Photograph: Omar Vidal / WWF / AFP / Getty With a tiny population of fewer than 10 individuals left, the mammal … Read more

Wildlife trafficking thrives on Facebook despite pledge to fight illegal trade | Endangered species

Facebook remains a thriving marketplace for online wildlife trafficking despite the tech giant’s pledge to help combat the illegal trade, according to a new investigation. Tiger cubs, leopards, ocelots, African gray parrots and the world’s smallest monkey, the pygmy marmoset, were among the endangered animals that researchers from the global campaign group Avaaz found on … Read more

K9 Keisa Removes Over 500 Pounds Of Illegal Drugs From The Streets

K9 Keisa with the Los Angeles Police Department is on a roll! LAPD officer Lillian Carranza announced on Twitter that the pup and her handler, Anthony Lopez, have already removed 500 pounds of “poison” from the streets in the first quarter of 2022. That includes illegal substances like methamphetamine and heroin. By removing these drugs … Read more