Swimmer seriously injured by shark off central California coast | California

A swimmer was seriously injured in a shark attack on the central California coast on Wednesday, police said. The attack occurred at midmorning at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, the Pacific Grove police department said in a statement. The swimmer, a man, suffered “significant injuries from the shark bite”, and was taken to Natividad … Read more

Woman Rescues “Injured Dog”, Is Startled When The Vet Says He Isn’t Even A Dog

The coyote was in horrible condition and had a lot of internal injuries. The veterinarian clinic contacted a wildlife rehabilitationist to obtain the sick coyote of the required care. Despite all his efforts, the sick coyote died from his wounds and passed away after five days at the wildlife hospital.   Image / Story Source: … Read more

Veterinarian Couple Create The Cutest Bandages For Their Injured Kitty’s Tail

Fluffy feline sisters, Maple and Fern, have taken Instagram by storm with their adorable antics. Using the handle “MaplexFern,” these one-year-old littermates assist their parents (who are BOTH veterinarians) in teaching their followers about all things cat. Their most viral Instagram Reel to date was released last week and has since accumulated over one million … Read more

Vlogger Has The Best Reaction When An Injured Eagle Flies Into His Car

33-year-old Renate Balbuena of Charleston, SC, was on vacation in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines, when he was faced with the shock of his life. Balbuena was behind the wheel of his car, speaking into a GoPro camera he’d set up on the dashboard when a large Philippine Serpent Eagle crashed through his passenger side window. The … Read more

Several people injured at California rodeo as bull jumps fence into crowd | California

Several people were injured when a bull jumped a fence and escaped an arena during a popular northern California rodeo, authorities said. The escape occurred Friday during the final section of the Redding Rodeo’s bull riding event, the Redding Rodeo Association said on Facebook. The bull leapt over a fence then ran through a crowd … Read more

Facing Euthanasia, Local Shelter Offers Dog Dad Hope For His Injured Pup

Stephen Foster works as a part-time maintenance man at a gas station in Dade City, Florida. Since the recent death of his wife of 35 years, Stephen has come to rely on the love and companionship of his little dog, Ollie. The pooch even accompanies him to work, happily watching her dad from the end … Read more

Injured Dog Finds Family After Accidentally Being Drug Behind A Truck For One Mile

Kaaawa K-9 Rescue in Kaaawa, HI is a temporary home for the abused, neglected, and forgotten dogs of Oahu. For the past two years, Michelle Cooley and Mariner Hawkins have made homes for dogs found foraging for food along hiking trails and puppies left cowering under bushes and in dumpsters. They’ve rejoiced when homes were … Read more

Boy Scout Saves Lost Couple And Injured Dog During 15-Mile Hike

12-year-old David King was three miles away from completing a 15-mile hike for a Boy Scouts merit badge when the unthinkable happened. He and his mom, Christine King, came across a couple with a 100-pound Pit Bull on the Hawaii hiking trail. The dog was laying on the ground, and the couple looked distraught. They … Read more

Couple Who Left Injured Dog In Dumpster To Die Avoid Felony Charges

Scott Miller, a construction worker, just happened to pass by a dumpster near his worksite in Westminster, California on the morning of July 27, 2021. Fortuitously, he peeked into the dumpster before garbage collection, thereby saving the life of the Yorkshire Terrier inside . When Miller found him, the dog was sitting on top of … Read more