300 Injured, Emaciated Dogs Seized As Puppy Mill Operators Deny Wrongdoing

WARNING: Content may be sensitive for some readers. “Est Alpha Kennels” in Pahrump, Nevada, is a puppy mill that has been in business for over ten years. They breed and sell a rare breed known as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog (or Caucasian Ovcharka). According to the AKC, these dogs weigh 99 to 170 pounds. They’re … Read more

‘Injured Dog’ Lost After Her Human’s Death Finds Familiar Faces Years Later

When BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, rescued a Pit Bull named Butter Bee, thinking she was on the brink of death. Someone saw her get hit by a car, and she could barely move afterwards. The kind witness carried her to their car and called the shelter for help. When vets examined her, they … Read more

Hero Dog Sniffs Out Injured Baby Girl Abandoned In Family’s Shed

A Texas couple and their dog Archie are being hailed as heroes after acting fast to help save the life of an abandoned nine-month-old baby girl. After the injured child mysteriously showed up in their backyard shed in the middle of the night, Archie was quick to alert his owners that something wasn’t right and … Read more

Vets save cat badly injured by single air gun pellet

Vets at a Leeds practice fought to save the life of a two-year-old cat that suffered serious injuries caused by a single air rifle pellet. The pellet narrowly missed the lungs of tabby Roxy and she was in intensive care for almost a week. Roxy had been taken to Beechwood Veterinary Group after becoming lethargic, … Read more

120 Dogs Rescued From South Korean Meat Trade Injured Or Killed In Catastrophic Fire

Jindo Love Rescue in South Korea uses its funds to save dogs from the meat trade and send them to loving homes. Of the 120 dogs in their care, several were preparing to fly to their forever families. However, a sudden burst of flames ruined the dogs’ happy endings. The organization faced a fire at … Read more

Woman killed and man injured in Rotherham dog attack | Animals

A woman has died after a dog attack in Rotherham which also left a man with potentially life-altering injuries. South Yorkshire police were called to a property on Masefield Road in West Melton at about 10.15pm last night by a member of the public who said a dog had attacked him and a woman. Officers … Read more

State Trooper Adopts The Injured Dog He Went Above And Beyond To Save

The Memphis sun shone brightly on the Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll this month, with temperatures reaching well into the eighties. Extreme temperatures like this can be dangerous for pets, causing breathing difficulties, lethargy, disorientation, and even heat stroke. And while many loving pet owners spend their pre-summer days researching ways to beat the summer … Read more

Swimmer seriously injured by shark off central California coast | California

A swimmer was seriously injured in a shark attack on the central California coast on Wednesday, police said. The attack occurred at midmorning at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, the Pacific Grove police department said in a statement. The swimmer, a man, suffered “significant injuries from the shark bite”, and was taken to Natividad … Read more

Woman Rescues “Injured Dog”, Is Startled When The Vet Says He Isn’t Even A Dog

The coyote was in horrible condition and had a lot of internal injuries. The veterinarian clinic contacted a wildlife rehabilitationist to obtain the sick coyote of the required care. Despite all his efforts, the sick coyote died from his wounds and passed away after five days at the wildlife hospital.   Image / Story Source: … Read more

Veterinarian Couple Create The Cutest Bandages For Their Injured Kitty’s Tail

Fluffy feline sisters, Maple and Fern, have taken Instagram by storm with their adorable antics. Using the handle “MaplexFern,” these one-year-old littermates assist their parents (who are BOTH veterinarians) in teaching their followers about all things cat. Their most viral Instagram Reel to date was released last week and has since accumulated over one million … Read more