A century ago, Colorado River Compact negotiations begin – jfleck at inkstain

By Eric Kuhn and John Fleck From the Colorado River Compact Commissioners gathered in Washington a century ago, a storm settled over the nation’s capital. Photo courtesy Smithsonian Herbert Hoover’s words a century ago were chosen with care. Might it be possible, he wondered, for the Colorado State basin, providing for the water supply of … Read more

Back in the days when the Salton Sea was rising – jfleck at inkstain

back when the Salton Sea was rising This friend, from the Sandia Lab News, shared around 1955: New Dyke Will Protect Salton Sea Test Base From Rapidly Rising Water The steadily rising water level in the Salton Sea in southern California poses a problem for the United States Atomic Energy Commission as it seeks to … Read more

Is it too early to be optimistic about this year’s Rio Grande flow? – jfleck at inkstain

Yes. But that doesn’t stop me! The Jan. 1 forecasts, courtesy of Angus Goodbody of the NRCS, are for flows in Otowi (end of the Rio Grande Valley of Central New Mexico) and San Marcial (the tail) for “normal” flows, where “normal” is defined now by the median of the flow from 1991-2020. Courtesy of … Read more