Is it the law to have third party liability insurance for your dog?

When owners choose to insure their animals, it is usually with the intention to help with costs if your pet becomes ill or injured. But, did you know that you can also take out third party liability insurance for your dog? Imagine being in this scenario! Your dog runs into the road and causes a car accident (your dog is unhurt!) but the car driver is claiming against you for personal and property damages. This is where third party liability insurance plays an important role! Insurance third party cover for your dog is invaluable and it is always advised. This article will explain what third party liability insurance is, its importance and why it is recommended by your Vet.

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Pet insurance and referrals – is it worth it?

Many households own a pet these days, but how many of those pets are insured? Well, on average, only 46% of our pets actually have insurance. That isn’t a lot really is it? Many people don’t think pet insurance is worth it as they have never claimed. But what happens that day when your pet is very ill and requires emergency treatment? Or when they need to be referred to another hospital for specialized treatment? Is it then beneficial to have pet insurance and what can you do with it?

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What’s the difference between per-condition and per-year claims on pet insurance?

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Pet insurance is always recommended; but types of policies and what is actually covered is a common field which brings much confusion. Often owners are trying to process a pet insurance claim at times of high stress when their pet is poor. It is therefore always very sensible to know and understand the type of insurance policy you have for your pet. There are various types of pet insurance policies available. This article will focus on two of these and aims to explain (as simply as at all possible) the differences between per-condition and per-year insurance cover.

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Why isn’t breeding covered by my dog’s insurance?

Everyone loves puppies and breeding your own can be hugely exciting and rewarding. But sadly, things can, and do, go wrong. When most other veterinary problems arise, pet insurance can be a great financial safety net, but what about problems related to breeding? Do standard policies provide coverage for pregnancy-related complications? And if not, what are the options?

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Why is some pet insurance cheaper than others?

Pet insurance is something we strongly recommend you purchase. Should your pet become extremely ill, knowing your insurance company is likely to cover much of the bill will help reduce the stress for you, and help you make important decisions about their care. Pet insurance works by the client paying a small amount of money per month to the insurance company and in return, the insurance company will pay out for any large, veterinary bills covered within their policy. This can be hugely beneficial when choosing which medical treatment your pet can receive as referral veterinary care will easily add up to £5000 (or more!) and therefore will not be an option for many people without pet insurance. But why are there? so many different prices?

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Bon voyage – tips on traveling safely with pets

Traveling abroad safely with pets can easily become a nightmare, and it is vitally important that we remain up to date with correct and relevant information so that we can guide and prepare our clients as effectively as possible. When it comes to traveling abroad with pets, a lot of things need to be considered, … Read more

Does cat insurance need renewing every year?

We all know pets soon become valuable members of the family. As a result, having pet insurance is extremely important for most people if they want to be able to offer the best level of care to your pet without worrying about the financial complications behind them. The best level of care means being able to offer the best, most appropriate number and selection of procedures and medications to treat a disease or reduce the symptoms your pet is experiencing. The more thorough your body can be, the more likely they are to find the cause of disease; meaning we can monitor for expected changes and come to a more accurate prognosis.

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