Vet insurance fraud has DC sanction postponed – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Dr Donal Johnston MRCVS, a former County Down-based veterinary surgeon who made fraudulent pet insurance claims to end a gambling addiction has had his RCVS Disciplinary Committee sanction hearing postponed after he agreed to enter into undertakings. At a hearing in April Dr Johnston had admitted all the charges against him, which related fraudulent claims … Read more

Why do Pet Health Insurance Claims get rejected?

Something we see not infrequently in small animal practice, is the frustrating and sad occurrence when insurance claims are rejected. Understandably, this can cause additional upset and worry for owners, who are already preoccupied with the health and well-being of their pet undergoing treatment. In this article we take a look at some of the common reasons why pet insurance claims might be rejected. We hope to provide some basic guidance in terms of issues that might cause a headache for an unwitting owner needing to make a claim.

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Equine vet aims to help others after winning insurance disputes

An equine vet who was left facing potential paralysis if she returned to work after a serious neck injury has won a long-running dispute with her insurer. Judy Scrine said she now wants to use her experiences to help others in a similar position, as well as mentoring young vets entering the profession. Dr. Scrine … Read more

Is there pet insurance for hamsters and gerbils?

Hamsters and gerbils are common pets in the UK. These small rodents have continuously growing teeth and an average lifespan of 2 and 4 years respectively, although this varies between individual species and breeds, and many individuals have outlived this. Their inquisitive characterful nature makes them a popular choice of pet for many people. When it comes to healthcare for these small rodent species, many owners are surprised to find out there are a number of options available to them, and many conditions these animals can suffer with are in fact treatable.

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Purina pledges £40k fund to help pets and owners live better together

A pet care company has pledged a £40,000 funding package to help vulnerable pets and their owners deal with the current economic crisis. With inflation hitting another historic high, according to the latest figures, money from the Purina Better Together fund is intended to help RSPCA staff on the ground keep people and pets together … Read more

Is there pet insurance for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are brilliant pets. They are loving, gentle and often make a great first pet. They do, however, have complex husbandry needs. This includes essential minerals within their diets, having other guinea pigs as company and plenty of mental stimulation. Like any animal, their health can become complex and difficult to manage, meaning you may need to seek veterinary attention… and that can be expensive.

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Practice Profile: Pocket Nook Equine Vets, Cheshire

Staff: full-time own 1 • registered veterinary nurses 0 • practice administrators 0 Fees: initial consultation £45 To say the past year and a half has been an eventful period for new practice owner Emily Westwood would be something of an understatement. In chronological order, you encounter: graduated from The University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) … Read more

Cost should not be a barrier to veterinary care, says finance firm

Veterinary practices facing the challenge of helping cash-strapped owners care for their pets could see a potential solution at this week’s London Vet Show (LVS). The Humm Group says it is already working with scores of vets in Australia and is now launching a range of services in the UK market. And officials claim its … Read more

Willing a business on – how having a will in place provides practical security

The facts prove that more suffer than they need to. According to a September 2020 report on Wealthadvisor that cited research from Canada Life, 59% of UK adults – around 31 million people – will not have a will. Of that number, 22% were more than 75 years of age and 39% were aged 65 … Read more