Vets save Labrador retriever with eight-hour intestinal surgery

Vets undertook an eight-hour operation to save the life of a Labrador retriever suffering from a ruptured intestine and septic peritonitis. Harlyn, 10, was rushed to Maven Vets in North Cheam, London Borough of Sutton, where Tom Bacon led the eight-hour life-saving operation. He said the full extent of Harlyn’s problems – which included a … Read more

Feline intestinal parasites

The unique lifestyle of cats means we must consider their requirements for worming treatments differently to that of dogs. For example, some cats live entirely indoors and therefore have a low risk of exposure to roundworms (Toxocara catifor example) and tapeworm (such as Taenia taeniaeformis). It is also important to consider the zoonotic risk of … Read more