Crab invasion: alien species goes from pest to profit – a photo essay | Invasive species

Thet can take Nabil a whole day to free the crabs entangled in his fishing nets. It is slow and meticulous work. Back in 2014, fishermen such as Nabil started to notice large numbers of the blue swimmer crabs (Portunus segnis) off Tunisia, particularly in the Gulf of Gabès on the country’s east coast. No … Read more

‘Itchy, yucky, unpleasant’: wet weather brings leech invasion to NSW suburbs | New South Wales

Relentless rainfall has sparked a leech invasion in New South Wales, with no reprieve in sight for already damp dwellings. The blood-sucking creatures have been attracted into suburban areas, where higher than normal rainfall and humidity are providing suitable conditions to feed. Linda Campbell has been batting off leeches in her Winmalee home in the … Read more

Over 300 Shelter Dogs Dead Amid Russia Horrific Ukraine Invasion

WARNING: Content contains disturbing topics and images. Many people have stayed behind in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion to keep animals safe, but sadly, not all animal advocates have been able to do so. When the invasion began at the end of February 2022, an animal shelter in Borodyanka had 485 dogs in its care. … Read more