Shot and left to rot: Tasmania grapples with deer dilemma as invasive pest numbers soar | Invasive species

Ona farm in Tasmania’s central midlands, Scott Chorley crouches in the short grass. He fires a single shot. It rings across the flat pasture, hitting a fallow deer clearly between the eyes. It’s his 50th for the evening – and almost 400th this year. Every year, Chorley, one man in a team of seven commercial … Read more

Crab invasion: alien species goes from pest to profit – a photo essay | Invasive species

Thet can take Nabil a whole day to free the crabs entangled in his fishing nets. It is slow and meticulous work. Back in 2014, fishermen such as Nabil started to notice large numbers of the blue swimmer crabs (Portunus segnis) off Tunisia, particularly in the Gulf of Gabès on the country’s east coast. No … Read more

Oral contraceptives could help reduce gray squirrel numbers, research finds Invasive species

Oral contraceptives for squirrels are working, research has found, and the government hopes they can be used to keep populations down in the UK. Gray squirrels are an invasive species in the UK, introduced from North America in the 1870s. They pose a problem for wildlife including endangered red squirrels, which they outcompete. They also … Read more

Bringing back native predators could tackle invasive species – study

Restoring native predator populations such as the wolf or lynx in parts of the world could keep problematic invasive species in check, according to a new study. Invasive species have been one of the main causes of extinction of some vertebrates in the past 100 years, with an estimated cost of US $ 162 billion … Read more

Fish leather is here, it’s sustainable – and it’s made from invasive species to boot | Invasive species

Aarav Chavda has been diving off the coast of Florida for years. Each time he became increasingly depressed by the ever-growing void, as colorful species of fish and coral reefs continued to disappear. A significant reason for that disappearance is the lionfish, an invasive species that has boomed in Atlantic waters from Florida to the … Read more

Ohio woman pleads guilty to selling invasive crayfish species across 36 states | Invasive species

They have claws, 10 legs, can produce hundreds of clones of themselves and have escaped from confinement to potentially run amok across the United States. The ecological threat posed by the marbled crayfish has now prompted prosecutors to wield invasive species laws in an attempt to curb the spread of the peripatetic crustaceans. An Ohio … Read more

The ants go rafting: invasive fire ants take to Australian flood waters to colonize new areas | Queensland

Invasive fire ants have used recent flooding in Queensland to expand their Australian invasion, teaming up and forming floating rafts with their bodies to allow them to survive for weeks at a time. Eradication officers in Queensland have captured photos of the dangerous ants forming the rafts in flood waters. It’s one of the pest’s … Read more