Starved Dog On His ‘Own Island’ Saw Man On A Kayak, ‘Knew’ He Was His Only Hope

Meet Fernando. When Fernando was kayaking, he came upon a tiny island. He heard heartbreaking screams echo all around him. Then he saw a dog so emaciated and desperate that his cries pierced his soul. He knew if he did not act soon, the dog would not survive. Fernando made up his mind to save … Read more

Down but not out: how the European mink found refuge on an Estonian island | Estonia

Thet finally stops snowing just as Tiit Maran parks his orange Dacia Duster next to a bridge on a quiet country road. “Too bad the snow is so fresh,” he says. “We’ll not find any tracks now.” Maran, the director of Tallinn zoo and a European mink biologist, is looking for the critically endangered mammal … Read more