‘I thought he was attracted by the pizza’: wild boar bites beachgoer in Genoa | Italy

A woman bitten by a wild boar on a beach in Genoa shortly after she had eaten a pizza has hit out at the city’s “deterioration” as she became the latest Italian to experience a close encounter with the animals. The attack happened on the beach in Sturla, a district of the northern Italian city, … Read more

Rome residents impose curfew after spate of wild boar attacks | Italy

Residents in several neighborhoods in northern Rome have imposed a nightly “curfew” after a spate of attacks by wild boar, which for years have roamed the Italian capital. In the most recent encounter, a woman said a boar “was on top of my head” after she was pushed to the ground during an attack on … Read more

Bear famous for Italian bakery break-in reappears after attempt to rewild him | Italy

An errant bear has reappeared in his favorite Italian town after a failed attempt to rewild him. The two-year-old Marsican brown bear, affectionately known as Juan Carrito, walked 150km “home” to Roccaraso, a small mountain town in the Abruzzo region, bypassing several other towns along the way. Carrito was spotted outside the train station on … Read more