SpaceX now aims to launch an Earth-observation satellite for Italy on Friday (yes, you can watch it live)

SpaceX will launch the Italian Earth-observation satellite into orbit Friday (Jan. 28), a day later than planned due to bad weather, and you can watch it live when it lifts off. A two-stage SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket topped with the Cosmo-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 (CSG-2) satellite is scheduled to lift off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral … Read more

The Macigno Sandstone turbidites at Cala del Leone (Quercianella, Italy) – Geology is the Way

In Tgangani, south of the city of Livorno, the panorama changes from barren plains (well, for us geologists) with houses and towns to spectacular coastal scenery with cliffs, small coves, and hills covered with wood next to crystalline waters. The coast around Cala del Leone, between Quercianella and Calafuria, is particularly suggestive. These coastal outcrops … Read more

Walking on a carpet of HUGE calcite crystals (Moriglion di Penna, Lucca, Italy) – Geology is the Way

When I was teaching with the Geology I course in Pisa, I used to tell students: “The best way to learn how to identify minerals is to start from large samples”. I think we’re exaggerating here. Mount Moriglion di Penna ascends on a windy May day. Some time ago, under pressure from locksmiths, restraints and … Read more

The Rosso Ammonitico limestone of Sassorosso (Garfagnana, Italy) – Geology is the Way

The Mediterranean Region is home to one of the most beautiful, yet mysterious, sedimentary rocks in the world: the limestone Rosso Ammonitico. The beauty of this rock is pretty obvious from the picture above, but why a mystery? Because nothing like this forms in the current seas. Therefore, it is only through close study of … Read more