Australian almond harvest in jeopardy as ‘Covid for bees’ strikes apiaries | Bees

The discovery of a deadly parasite being described as “Covid for bees” has had an immediate impact on apiaries, with a ban on movement across New South Wales, but is also likely to affect other agricultural industries, including the upcoming almond blossom season. Every August, the almond industry requires 300,000 beehives to pollinate the national … Read more

Shark Bait review – human chum bucket jeopardy thriller sinks without trace | Movies

“Tyler, no! You took a bang to the head! ” “That might be a problem if there was something inside of there!” So goes an almighty self-own when one of five spring-breakers trapped on a jetski in shark-infested waters decides to swim for help in this depressingly unimaginative thriller. The party posse-cum-human chum bucket in … Read more