Researchers make Johne’s disease DIVA test breakthrough

Researchers have made progress in efforts to find a test that can tell vaccinated animals from those with Johne’s disease. Up to now, Johne’s vaccination programs for livestock have been hampered because no diagnostic can differentiate vaccinated from infected animals – in other words, it has no DIVA test. Most existing Johne’s tests rely on … Read more

New NOAH guideline will play ‘pivotal role’ for farm health

New guidance on livestock vaccination prioritises the diseases animals should be protected from by default to improve cattle and sheep health in the UK. NOAH has launched its Livestock Vaccination Guideline, which is designed to provide support to farm vets, SQPs, and farmers on best practice for preventing and controlling disease on farm. A 53-page … Read more

Farm vets at forefront of new health schemes

Farm vets will be key to the success of two major projects to track antibiotic use and boost herd health in livestock. Stakeholders are in the process of launching the Medicine Hub, which will collect detailed data on the amount of antibiotics being used in cattle and sheep for the first time. The test phase … Read more

Heat stress: reducing impact without large investments

Heat stress used to be considered a disease of the tropics. However, it has become far more prevalent and for longer periods within the UK dairy population. Many herds – in particular those housed over the summer – will have experienced some level of heat stress and associated losses in the past few years, and … Read more

Johne’s disease testing service launches

A new testing service for Johne’s disease in herds has been launched by PBD Biotech. The company said the service, which uses the Actiphage diagnostic test, will allow farmers to find out if they have Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) – the bacteria that causes the disease – in bulk milk or blood samples within … Read more