Call for hippos to join list of world’s most endangered animals | Conservation

Hippos could be added to the list of the world’s most endangered animals because of dwindling populations caused by the climate crisis, poaching and the ivory trade. The semi-aquatic mammals are found in lakes and rivers across sub-Saharan Africa, with an estimated population of 115,000-130,000. As well as the trade in ivory – found in … Read more

AWF appeals for new trustees to join the board

BVA charity, the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF), has launched an appeal for trustees to come forward. Up to five new trustees are being sought among the veterinary sector community and other animal welfare professionals to join its board. Trustees are required to attend three meetings a year, plus the charity’s annual discussion forum, as well … Read more

Vet nurse and recruitment company join forces to improve diversity – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Veterinary nurse Remi Onabolu, who is currently studying to become a veterinary surgeon, has joined forces with JHP Recruitment on a new initiative to improve diversity and attract more individuals from BAME backgrounds into the veterinary profession. Together, they’re producing an educational video to be distributed and used by registered career advisers across the Southwest … Read more

Scientists join forces in major offensive against bird flu

Scientists are joining forces in a new £ 1.5 million research consortium to tackle avian influenza. The consortium has received the money from the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council and Defra to develop new strategies to tackle future bird flu outbreaks. Outbreaks occur each year due to the UK’s position in the migratory flight path … Read more

Vet urges MPs to join dangerous dogs debate

A vet is making a last ditch appeal for her professional colleagues to lobby their MPs ahead of a parliamentary debate on the Dangerous Dogs Act. The debate will take place on 6 June after a petition calling for the Government to repeat breed specific provisions in dangerous dogs legislation reached more than 100,000 signatures. … Read more

Half of UK’s butterfly species vulnerable to extinction as five join red list | Butterflies

Half of Britain’s butterfly species are now listed as threatened with extinction after five more joined the new “red list” of endangered butterflies. The increase in the number of species listed as “vulnerable” from nine in 2011 to 16 today is a warning that time is running out to save the 58 resident species, according … Read more

Rescue Dogs Join Police Department And Respond To Mental Health Calls

You should know by now that Florida isn’t exactly on the same playing field as the rest of the world. Things in Florida tend to be a little bit… different. In true Florida style, there’s one police department in Florida that’s making people do a double-take. Their interactions with the infamous “Florida Man” are a … Read more