Dogs Suffer No More Are Abused Online, And Justice Is Never Served

Warning: photos of abuse below. Dogs are trending online, whether it’s through heartwarming rescue stories or their continuous adorable antics. It seems like a positive trend to support, but what happens when online influencers are objectifying their pets for the sake of likes? Some online influencers are doing just about anything to gain attention, even … Read more

Judge throws out ‘frivolous’ case by UK puppy farm firm against lawyer | UK criminal justice

A high court judge has criticized a puppy farming company for attempting to get a lawyer jailed after she unintentionally entered an exclusion zone outside its facility while talking to protesters, in a case he said was bordering on “vexatious”. MBR Acres, which breeds beagles in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, for use in laboratory testing, accused solicitor … Read more

‘Veticare’: Victoria’s Animal Justice party proposes affordable veterinary care system | Victoria

Pet owners could access free or subsidized veterinary care at public clinics under a reform proposed in Victoria by the state’s Animal Justice party. MP Andy Meddick said the proposal to create a Medicare-like scheme – dubbed “Veticare” – would help make animal health care more affordable while also tackling a national pet shortage. The … Read more

Justice Served In The Case Of A Memphis Dog Burned Alive

A Memphis man has been arrested on charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty following a brutal and senseless attack on a beautiful Pitbull Mix named Riona. Riona, who initially sported the name Queen, was found running down a Memphis street engulfed in flames. This torturous act was found to be intentional as the innocent dog’s coat … Read more

Electronics-Sniffing Dog Helps Bring Child Predator To Justice

A newly-graduated working dog named Hidu teamed up with Mexican prosecutors and a group of Dutch activists to form an unusual international alliance. Together, they helped bring down a dangerous child predator. Jason Maatman, a known Dutch pedophile, fled to Mexico City in order to escape prosecution in the Netherlands. Authorities captured him at a … Read more

Rescue Seeks Justice In Shelter Dog’s Violent Abduction & Murder

Horrific security footage went viral after someone broke into a dog rescue and aggressively pulled a dog out of her crate. The suspect left the building with the dog, despite the cries of all the dogs in the room. Not long after the break-in, the stolen dog was found in critical condition on the side … Read more

Rescue Seeks Justice For Pit Bull Found Dead After Her Adoption

The biggest fear for most dog foster families is sending their furry friend with the wrong adopter. That’s why many animal rescues have such thorough adoption processes. Yet, no matter how careful you are, things could still go wrong. In Nala, the Pit Bull’s case, the rescue’s worst nightmare came to life. Furever Bully Love … Read more