Priority cull report key feature in Johne’s control in autumn

A priority cull report, a tool to improve Johne’s disease management in dairy herds, will be the focus of a series of Johne’s masterclasses for vets. Developed by the Action Group on Johne’s, the report is included in NMR’s (formerly known as National Milk Records) Johne’s screening service, HerdWise, from October 1. NMR vet Karen … Read more

Small, but mighty: why microchipping remains a key bonding tool

According to the PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report 2021, more than 9.6 million dogs, 10.7 million cats and 900,000 rabbits can be found in the UK1. While this figure suggests that pet numbers have remained stable, rather than increasing during the pandemic as has sometimes been reported, it still represents a huge number of companion … Read more

Happy the elephant is not a person, says court in key US animal rights case | New York

New York’s top court has ruled that Happy, an elephant residing at the Bronx Zoo since the 1970s, cannot legally be considered a person in a closely watched case that tested the boundaries of applying human rights to animals. The case brought by an animal rights group argued Happy should be released from the zoo. … Read more