‘He kind of amps them up’: ‘Kevin’ the ringleader as turkeys terrorize Massachusetts town | Massachusetts

It’s the time of year when millions of turkeys across the US might justifiably fear for their safety, but in one Massachusetts town the birds have turned the tables, ganging up to “terrorize” residents with pecks, kicks and loud clucking. People in Woburn, north-west of Boston, have been subjected to a barrage of attacks and … Read more

What kind of food should I take my pet chicken to?

The veterinary course is designed to train all vets to the same level in all the common species. Some diversification will happen in the final year, where students can choose to study certain species or areas of veterinary medicine in more detail, depending on where they can see their career heading. But on the whole, everyone learns a pretty decent amount about pets, farm animals and horses. Once qualified, vets will choose in what area of ​​veterinary medicine they would like to work. And in the clinical sector, practices will often be divided into small animal practices, farm animal practices, equine practices or mixed practices.

On the most part, the division of cases is fairly self-explanatory – have a dog? Go to see a small animal yourself. Have a cow? Go to see a farm animal yourself. But there are some animals that fall through the cracks. Some animals that may not seem at home at a small animal practice, or a farm animal one. And probably the one that causes the most confusion is the chicken.

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Cruel to be Kind | My Shetland

I went to see the Minions with my new plan. Writing everything down yesterday helped me to see the way forward. I moved Vitamin and Fivla into the next door field where the spring grass is growing. This is what Vitamin needs and will hopefully help her weight loss. I was not popular. But I … Read more

Kind Man Rescues “Amazon Girl” From The Jungle With Only Days Left To Live

David Foster is a busy man from the UK with a job that takes him all over the world, but first and foremost, he’s an animal lover. Although he enjoys the work he does, his real passion is bringing joy to shelter animals. David tells iHeartDogs, “All this traveling is boring, so I would go … Read more

Kind Strangers Save 160-Pound Dog After Tragic Hit-And-Run

Not all heroes wear capes. While some families might turn away at the sight of tragedy, one couple turned towards it and saved the day. Merlin, the 160-pound Irish Wolfhound, was the victim of a hit-and-run in South Carolina. His dad, Zachary Corrado, sat beside him and cried out for someone to help. Drew Kreiling … Read more