Carve A Kitty Jack-O-Lantern With One Of These Cat Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Have you picked your pumpkin from the patch yet? If not, it’s time to start thinking about your pumpkin selections because the spooky season is upon us, which means jack-o-lanterns will soon abound! And if your thoughts fall in line with ours, then you’re going to carve your pumpkin with a cat pattern! Oh, but … Read more

The Hidden Natural Health Benefit Fresh Catnip Offers Your Kitty

Some kitties like catnip. Others really like catnip. You know the cats I’m talking about. They roll all over the leaves and stems, wiggling, drooling, and leaving a shredded mass of damp, wilted plant bits in their wake. It turns out there is a scientific reason some cats do this. In addition to a pleasant … Read more

“Revolutionary” Tuxedo Kitty Inexplicably Loves Bath-Time

Reddit users have, once again, fallen head-over-heels for an adorable cat who has made its debut in a now-viral video doing something most cats dread: taking a bath. The video posted by Reddit user u / MehWhiteShark on March 31st shows an adorable tuxedo kitten enjoying a splash in the bathtub. During the beginning of … Read more

Brave Ukrainian Kitty Survives Putin Bombing, Becomes A Symbol Of Hope And Survival

It is no secret that the devastation caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine has significantly affected the lives of all citizens of this beautiful country – humans and animals alike. Over five million people have evacuated their homes in search of safety. Those that have stayed behind have been fighting relentlessly to return Ukraine … Read more

Adults Cringed At Kitty Too “Terrifying” To Look At So Little Girl Stepped Up

A tiny kitten was abandoned on the cruel streets of Istanbul. She eked out a living in an Istanbul alleyway, where she tried to survive as best as she could. Although other strays were able to benefit from passers-by, this kitten was completely neglected. The reason for this: She looked too awful to look at. … Read more

Cat Mom & Her Cloned Kitty Are Teaching Others The Truth About Cloning

When considering cloning a cat, here’s something significant to remember. The cloned kitty won’t be an exact replica of their predecessor. While the physical similarities will prove astounding, every cat is a unique being with their very own personality regardless of their beginnings. And that’s what Kelly Anderson wants people to understand. It’s important to … Read more