Police investigate threat to ‘firebomb’ national parks office over Kosciuszko horse cull | Invasive species

Police are investigating a letter threatening to “firebomb” a New South Wales national parks office in the Snowy Mountains region over the culling of feral horses in the Kosciuszko national park. The state’s environment minister, James Griffin, said the “disgraceful and unacceptable” behavior had been reported to NSW police, while the head of the National … Read more

Second chance: 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs to be released into Kosciuszko national park | Environment

Two years after the 2019-20 summer bushfires nearly wiped out the species, 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs are jumping back into the wild in NSW. “Releasing these 80 spotted tree frogs back into the wild, despite all the setbacks this species has faced, is a reminder to have optimism about the conservation work we’re … Read more