A Lost (not-so) Little Lamb

I lost my Lambie today. I know I let him out into the big field first thing this morning. I remember that. And then I went to take the dogs for a walk, and saw everyone but Lambie. They were all sat down chewing their cud. (there is ‘Ster in the distance’) They were all … Read more

The Elusive Lamb | My Shetland

The hill sheep mostly have all had their lambs now. They always give birth a few weeks later than the sheep kept “inbye”, ie on the croft. These hill lambs will all be related to my lot, especially Harrel-the-Barrel. I definitely see the family resemblance. Hill lambs can be an elusive lot when they want … Read more

Sheep shorn of 18kg fleece after three years on the lamb | New Zealand

A merino sheep named Shrekapo who grew an enormous fleece while evading capture in New Zealand is now 18.6kg lighter after its first shave. The animal was named Shrekapo after the famous sheep Shrek who was found carrying a 27kg fleece after six years on the run in 2015, and after Lake Tekapo, which is … Read more

Vet-led workshop aims to improve farmers’ lamb performance

A training course led by vets has been launched to help farmers improve post-weaning lamb performance. Wales’ Farming Connect Animal Health and Welfare has added the additional module to its fully funded training workshops, making it the 16th such webinar to be rolled out. All content has been developed in conjunction with the National Animal … Read more

How to lamb a ewe – 7 Top Tips

Back in the autumn when the tups went in, lambing seemed a really long way away. All of a sudden, we look at the calendar and lambing is getting closer. Do you feel prepared? Whether you are a seasoned shepherd or a budding one, it’s best to make sure the lambing kit is all ready and replenished.

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