Dangerous dogs law ‘failing to protect people and animals’ – BVA head warns

The BVA has called for a “complete overhaul” of the law on dangerous dogs, which it claims does not properly protect either the public or the dogs themselves. The organization is part of a coalition with charities and welfare groups campaigning for the abolition of breed-specific elements within the current legislation. Although it set up … Read more

Is it the law to have third party liability insurance for your dog?

When owners choose to insure their animals, it is usually with the intention to help with costs if your pet becomes ill or injured. But, did you know that you can also take out third party liability insurance for your dog? Imagine being in this scenario! Your dog runs into the road and causes a car accident (your dog is unhurt!) but the car driver is claiming against you for personal and property damages. This is where third party liability insurance plays an important role! Insurance third party cover for your dog is invaluable and it is always advised. This article will explain what third party liability insurance is, its importance and why it is recommended by your Vet.

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Hero K9 Inspires New Law Protecting Police Dogs & Other Working Pups

On September 22nd, 2021, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in Cleveland, Tennessee, experienced inexplicable pain and grief when a beloved force member was seriously injured. K9 Joker, a strong, beautiful German Shepherd, was shot by a suspect while in pursuit and nearly lost his life. On this day, Joker and his handler, Deputy Eduardo Choate, … Read more

French rooster owner looks to new law to fight off noise complaint | France

A rooster named Pitikok has ruffled feathers in southern France – and is now poised to test the limits of the law. A neighbor fed up with the bird’s crowing has taken the owner to court. But she could be spared a penalty under new legislation protecting the “sensory heritage” of the countryside, from noisy … Read more