£16m referral center leads the way on sustainable care

A new £16 million animal hospital in Essex is hoping to pioneer the sustainable delivery of veterinary care when it opens in August. Southfields Veterinary Specialists referral center in Basildon is set to become one of the first of its kind in the UK to use in-house generators for its oxygen supply, rather than bottle … Read more

K9’s Outrageous Disregard For Police Property Leads To “Arrest”

From: Mark Brantl, Lieutenant Patrol Date: February 28th, 2019 Subject: Letter of Counseling damage to pawtrol vehicle I was advised on February 27th, 2019 by your handler, Sergeant Frank Bowne, of damage that was caused to the weather stripping on the rear door of his patrol vehicle. It is my understanding that just after midnight … Read more

EO review – an innocent donkey leads the way in surreal Bresson-inspired ride | Cannes 2022

Jerzy Skolimowski is the celebrated veteran director who first came to Cannes in 1972 with King, Queen, Knave starring Gina Lollobrigida and David Niven; now he has returned to the festival competition with a winter’s tale of a film, inspired by Robert Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar from 1966. I’m not sure this is my favorite … Read more

RVC leads flock with new sheep course

A course for sheep farmers, shepherds and smallholders to help them increase flock productivity and improve health has been launched by the RVC. The Flockmaster course is designed for commercial and small-scale sheep keepers with the aim of sharing and expanding their knowledge, and improving their practices. Participants will have the chance to improve their … Read more

Accidental discovery that scallops love ‘disco’ lights leads to new fishing technique | Environment

An unusual technique for catching scallops that was stumbled upon accidentally by scientists could potentially reduce some of the damage caused to our seabeds by fishing. The marine scientist Dr Rob Enever and his team at Fishtek Marine, a fisheries consultancy based in Devon, designed small underwater “potlights” to help protect fish stocks by replacing … Read more

Pet dog’s barking leads rescuers to missing Texas woman with dementia | Texas

A Texas woman who suffers from dementia and was missing for three days was found in the early hours of last Friday, bruised and dehydrated but safe, after her dog’s barking helped rescuers track her down. Sherry Noppe, 63, left her home in Houston, Texas last week, to take her black labrador, Max, for a … Read more

Twitter Request Leads To Thread Of Crazy Cats Looking Strange In Photos

Cat pictures tend to attract attention. And the sillier the cat pic, the more people want to see it. And the curator behind the Twitter account, memes i wish i could tag my cat in, knows this fact to be true. Billing itself as “the most problematic pet account,” it provides regular content that delights … Read more