‘They’re being cooked’: baby swifts die leaving nests as heatwave hits Spain | Spain

Hundreds of baby swifts in southern Spain have died after leaving their nests prematurely, in what ecologists described as an attempt to escape the extreme temperatures brought by one of the country earliest heatwaves on record. Concerns were raised for the protected species late last week after residents in Seville and Córdoba noticed dozens of … Read more

‘It looks beautiful’: UK gardeners on leaving lawns uncut for No Mow May | Gardens

The conservation charity Plantlife again urged people not to mow their gardens in May to help wild plants and pollinators thrive. As the month draws to a close, we asked some of this year No Mow May participants what new plants and wildlife they have seen in their gardens. ‘It’s nice to know we cater … Read more

‘Heartbroken’ Dog Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Is Leaving Him At The Shelter

Moses the Pit Bull was ecstatic when he was finally adopted into a loving family in California last year. He was his family’s greatest “good boy,” and they were a fantastic team. However, owing to financial hardship, the family was compelled to relocate to an inexpensive location that did not allow pets. Image / Story … Read more