Dog Left For Dead Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

You would be hard-pressed to catch anyone leaving Super Bowl LI early. Last February’s football matchup was an eyes-glued-to-the-TV kind of game: The New England Patriots were making an unprecedented last-minute comeback. And Mike Diesel was as big a fan as anyone. “It was the fourth quarter,” he tells iHeartDogs. “And Brady had just made … Read more

Dog And Baby ‘Engage’ In A Game Of Chase That Left Mom With No Choice But To Record Them Both

There’s nothing quite like the friendship between a young child and their dog. It’s always an excellent match in terms of companionship and curiosity. There are so many activities to do, and so much enjoyment to be had, that no one will leave anything on the table with a kid and their dog! Even this … Read more

A Box Was Left At Shelter And The Smell Was Horrible But Yet They Had To Open It

On their doorstep, shelter employees discovered a strangely sealed box. They were shocked when they heard desperate pleas for help coming from within the box. As they tried to open the package, they immediately recognized the noxious putrid stench that emanated from within. Image / Story Source Credit: Tails of a Shelter Vet / YouTube … Read more

She Left Her Healthy Dog For A Quick Errand, Came Home To His ‘Stiff’ Body

We know that protecting our dogs is more essential than anything as loving dog owners. Their health, happiness, and well-being are all in our hands– as they are unable to look after themselves. We have to be cautious of what hidden dangers may harm our dogs, just like we would with toddlers. Source: Unsplash One … Read more

Owners Left In Awe After Pup Was Swept Away In Raging Flood Water

It was an hour after midnight when a strong surge of floodwater broke the front door and rushed inside the home of Elaine Hendrickson-Parry. Naturally, everyone including their dog Luna, was asleep inside when the raging current started sweeping in through the open door. Recent heavy rainfall and severe storms resulted in serious flooding, and … Read more

Kind Man Rescues “Amazon Girl” From The Jungle With Only Days Left To Live

David Foster is a busy man from the UK with a job that takes him all over the world, but first and foremost, he’s an animal lover. Although he enjoys the work he does, his real passion is bringing joy to shelter animals. David tells iHeartDogs, “All this traveling is boring, so I would go … Read more

Police Decline To Help Dog Left Tethered To Owner’s Car In Florida Heat

Most people know not to leave a dog alone in a hot car, but there are always some individuals that do not care. Then, some people try to find every loophole when they should be caring about their dog’s wellbeing instead. A person in Florida did not leave their dog trapped in their car, but … Read more