Crying Kitten Saved From Pipe After Steep Fall Into River Breaks Her Leg

Hope for Paws is always there for kittens in need. Whether it’s backyards, storm drains, or even the desert, these dedicated rescuers know no bounds when it comes to getting the littlest felines out of trouble. And founder Eldad has battled roaches, garbage, nasty sewage, and even the darkness of caverns to ensure kittens, cats, … Read more

Police K9 Gets Leg Amputated After Protecting Officers From Bullets

K9 Kai had only been with the Gwinnett County Police Department for less than a year, but he quickly became a valuable member of the team. The 2-year-old Belgian Malinois worked as a dual-purpose K9, so he assisted with narcotics and patrol. But sadly, Kai’s hard work came to a halt when he was severely … Read more

Florida teen who faces losing leg after shark attack says: don’t fear the ocean | Florida

A teenager who was in hospital to have her right leg amputated on Tuesday after a shark bit her off Florida’s coast said she had no intention of abandoning her love for the water. “Don’t be scared of the ocean,” Addison Bethea told Miami’s CBS affiliate from her bed when asked to send a message … Read more

Florida teen bitten by shark survives but faces losing her leg | Florida

A teenager is facing the loss of one of her legs after a shark bit her while swimming off the coast of Florida, according to authorities. Facebook posts shared by the Taylor county sheriff’s office and the girl’s father, Shane Bethea, recounted the nearly fatal attack Thursday. Bethea’s daughter, Addison, was swimming to collect scallops … Read more

Dog Who Lost Leg While Saving Lives In Afghanistan Passes Away

UPDATE 7/21/2021 – After 14 wonderful years on this planet, Lucca the German Shepherd passed away of old age. She received a full military burial at the Michigan War Dog Memorial. The brave pup deserves this honor after leading 400 patrols and losing her leg on the job. Marine Master Sergeant Chris Willingham carried the … Read more

How to Rehabilitate a dog after a Broken Leg

Whenever a dog suffers from a broken leg, he’s going to need a dedicated plan to fix it and to get him back to being able to use it again. Obviously, we give a lot of thought to the appropriate plan of action to repair the leg. Which often means a costly surgery and a period of rest for recuperation after the operation.

However, one of the most important aspects of repairing broken legs, especially in dogs, is having a plan for his rehabilitation during this recuperation and after the bone has been repaired. This is very important because it ensures that the break heals as well as possible. And at the same time makes sure that he learns to use the limb properly and in a timely fashion. It’s also something that is still not always used as much as it could be in veterinary patients. But it is definitely a growing field with an expanding body of evidence and appropriately dedicated professionals.

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Dog With Infected Leg And Crooked Jaw Can’t Stop Kissing Her Rescuers

Several years ago, a small white dog named Delilah was abused and neglected to the point where she could’ve died. But luckily, the Mr. Mo Project stepped up and provided her with a safe environment where she could heal. Mariesa and Chris Hughes created the Mr. Mo Project to save senior dogs after their beloved … Read more