Life As A Self Student In Nigeria

Ever wondered what life as a student is like across the globe? We caught up with Nigerian-based veterinary student Valentine Okeke to learn a little about his medical life in Africa. Let’s dive in. 1. What or who inspired you to get into veterinary medicine? Actually, no one inspired me to get into veterinary medicine … Read more

Devoted In Life & Death, Man & His Loyal Dog Pass Away Within Hours Of Each Other

In life, Daniel Hove and his dog, Gunner, were inseparable best friends. In death, their bond remained unbroken as the two passed away within hours of each other, both unable to bear a world without the other. Now, they’ll be forever together in the great beyond that awaits us all. And while Daniel and Gunner’s … Read more

Alarming manatee death toll in Florida prompts calls for endangered status | Marine life

The deaths of almost 2,000 manatees in Florida’s coastal and inland waterways over the last two years has provoked an alliance of environmental groups to demand an urgent reclassification of the species to officially endangered. The advocates, led by the non-profit Center for Biological Diversity, insist the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) made a … Read more

Panel to investigate crab and lobster deaths on north-east coast of England | Marine life

The UK government is to set up an independent expert panel to investigate the cause of the mass die-offs of crabs and lobsters on the north-east coast of England, it has announced. The panel will consider the impact of dredging around a freeport development in Teesside and the presence of pyridine, a chemical pollutant, among … Read more

Readers reply: why do cats, dogs and other carnivores have far neater and straighter teeth than humans? | Life and style

Why do cats, dogs and other carnivores have far neater and straighter teeth than humans? Dan Irwin, Folkestone Send new questions to Readers reply The better to eat you with. Perchance My dog ​​used to have perfectly clean teeth but since he won Crufts he’s had a little plaque. Mobilepope Because they kill to … Read more

Celebrating His 23rd Birthday, Super Senior DOUBLES His Breed’s Life Expectancy

Oh, happy day! Buster Brown is celebrating his twenty-third birthday! Let’s all wish this handsome Labrador Retriever the happiest of birthdays and hope we get to honor him for many more! Born in 1999, Buster is a 90s pup who saw the beginning of a new century and probably overheard dad Joe’s parents and other … Read more

I learned so much about life and love from my cat that when she died I had her freeze-dried… | Cats

The am a proud Cat Lady. When my beloved Siamese of 16 years died in 2020, I realized immediately that I couldn’t live productively without a cat. I was 41 and had her since I was 24, my entire adult life until that point. I not only mourned Lilu, but I craved the endorphin hit … Read more

Foreign takeover of Tasmanian salmon farmer puts state’s marine life at risk, activists say | Tasmania

Campaigners fear the foreign takeover of Tasmanian salmon farmer Tassal – approved at a shareholder meeting on Thursday morning – will further risk environmentally sensitive shallow waters in the state. At a company meeting in Melbourne, Tassal shareholders voted strongly in favor of the takeover – reportedly worth $1.7bn – by Canadian salmon producer Cooke … Read more

Vet nurses invited to discuss new research which shows they could make life easier for themselves – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Provet has published the results of new research which shows vet nurses could make their lives easier with better adoption of digital technology and is inviting everyone to come and discuss the report at a free Zoom meeting hosted by and on Thursday 10th November at 7:00pm For its research, the company surveyed … Read more