Dog Who Spent His Entire Life In Chains Visits The Ocean For The First Time

Herschel spent the first five years of his life chained in a lonely backyard. His teeth were worn down from trying to chew himself free. After his rescue, the gorgeous German Shepherd was adopted twice, but returned both times. It seems his heartbreaking start to life left behind some emotional damage. Luckily, things were about … Read more

8-Year-Old Pokemon Trainer Sells Card Collection To Save His Puppy’s Life

Update 6/2/2021 – After 8-year-old Bryson Kliemann sold his Pokemon cards to pay for his beloved puppy’s medical bills, the Pokemon company was touched. Most Pokemon fans wouldn’t be willing to give up their prized possessions so easily, so it speaks volumes about how much Bryson cares about his dog Bruce. So, Pokemon sent Bryson … Read more

Bait Puppy Collapses In Front Of Stranger’s House And Homeowner Rushes To Save His Life

Sweet Jax is a Pit Bull puppy who defied what many believe are impossible odds to survive. He’s a five-month-old Pit Bull pup with injuries so bad that many people and dogs would have died without immediate medical care. His face and neck were slashed, his eyes were closed shut, and he was breathing heavily. … Read more

Mom Turned Back To Get ‘1 Last Look’ At Her Babies And Wished Them A “Happy Life”

People still pass by the stray dogs without noticing them, but some people are trying to help. One woman returned for more water not long after finding two of the most stunning pups, setting off a chain reaction she never thought possible. Mama dog had grown up on the streets her entire life. Sure, she … Read more

Strange bee-haviour: social life of Australian species offers insights on evolution, scientists say | Bees

The unusual social life of a native species of Australian bee has shed light on how cooperative behaviors in bees evolved, new research suggests. Flinders University scientists have analyzed the behavior of Amphylaeus morosus, a forest-dwelling bee that lives in small nests of rarely more than two females. The researchers believe the bee only made … Read more

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pt 2: basic life support

In the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidelines, CPR is divided into basic and advanced life support. Basic life support (BLS) involves the act of chest compressions and ventilation. Prior to the CPR guidelines – developed by the Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation initiative, based on extensive, systemic veterinary literature reviews – no standardization exists in CPR … Read more

After Spending His Entire Life On A Chain, Biscuit Was Shown An Empty Field

Please meet Biscuit. or Siberian Husky who lived his entire life on a chain, until now. This is his story! 8 dogs were discovered while Amy Hines, a wonderful member of Dogs Deserve Better, was in Kentucky. She just knew she could not leave them outside without shelter, so she wanted to do something about … Read more

Dog Starved & Beaten Fights For Her Life, Keeps Kissing Her Veterinarians

A dog in Johnson County, Kansas was so sick and undernourished that she could not stand up on her own. She was so ill that her benefactors were worried about whether the dog would survive the abuse she had received. The family took her to a veterinary hospital in Mission Care, where they attempted to … Read more