“Skeleton” Dog Is Unrecognizable After Surviving A Lifetime Of Intentional Starvation

An adorable, resilient Chihuahua mix named Henry has made national headlines after surviving a lifetime of abuse and neglect. His story has inspired many who might never have believed that this five-pound “little skeleton” could be such a fighter. Henry was one of seven dogs found enslaved by heavy metal chains in the yard of … Read more

Dad Pointed His Camera At The Door Knowing His Dog Was In For A “Reunion Of A Lifetime”

Reunions between pets and their family members are usually filled with joyous tears and embraces. Dogs who have seen their military parents or relatives after a long absence are some of the most tear-jerking and joyful videos on the internet. Just ask Oshie, the Golden Retriever, who missed his soldier mom so much that he … Read more

Pit Bull Chained Up In Snow Cried For Help, Police Officer Gives Her The ‘Chance Of A Lifetime’

This story is absolutely going to WARM your heart and besides, happy endings are ALWAYS a great thing to watch! Dog lovers are aware that it’s not the breed of the dog that matters, but how well that dog has been raised, treated, and loved. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation among some people, which … Read more